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Shipping Beers to SoCal

I have no idea about inter-State laws but is it possible to order beers on-line in other States and have them shipped to California?

On my next trip over there I want to rate beers from the last four States I am still requiring to make the full set of 51 regions in the US.

Any help with a likely distributor would be greatly appreciated.


It is possible, but limited. MS should be the easiest state as Lazy Magnolia has descent distribution. It likely would not be a distributor, but a bottle shop. WV used to have Mountain State distribution in the DC area and TW&M sometimes have WV ciders.

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American state laws are a mess when it comes to beer shipping. In the northeast certain breweries do ship out of state, but that is pretty limited to the bigger ones (Tired Hands & OH do limited out of state shipping but not to CA). Your best bet would be to either (a) bring some good British beers or (b) pick up a bunch of Monkish in Torrance, and try to do a facebook trade with someone in those states. Most states have dedicated facebook groups for trade and often the largest/most hyped brewery has a fan page where trading occurs… though not sure how active those are in the four states you are missing.

It would also be worth checking the websites of the breweries in those states to see if any ship. But that requires a systematic combing. Also, I have had friends arrange unofficial shipments in the past, but that might be slightly technically illegal.


Breweries directly are more difficult but Half Time (bottle shop) is one of the bigger places you can order from out of CA.


Half Time has a great selection of beers, but it seems they have none of the states he is looking for.

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Cheers chaps, I will take a look at your suggestions and see if I can source my missing States. The chase is often more fun than the actual catch!


As far as direct from a WV producer, the only place I know that ships (Mountain Dragon) does not ship mead to CA. Healthberry Farms May ship to CA, but you would need to call. For whatever weird reason mead is easier to be obtained by mail in the US.

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Having a leisurely look at Halftime and they do have a huge selection of beers that interest me.

There are also some good ‘booze stores’ near my daughter’s place in Orange County, I always visit them hoping to find the States I’m missing; they have all failed on each occasion so far!

You can keep looking and go to another 2 dozen Jeremy

Just looked at the states you need and they are simply ones with low number of breweries, no big breweries and just aren’t going to see distribution

Arkansas is the only state I am stuck on 1 rate for and that came from someone who was actually in said state and picked up a can

As someone said up thread Mississippi is the most likely you will pick up from those 4

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