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Short meads


So I just did a couple of short meads, 5lbs of honey for a bit more than 5 gallons of volume, some nutrient and energizer, WLP 550. Easiest brew imaginable, and damned if it isn’t delicious, too. I did one with heather tips and one with raspberries, both amazing. I’m doing another one tomorrow, with peaches.

This is a thing worth doing. Great refreshing summer drink.


What sort of initial and final gravity did you have?


No idea, I didn’t take gravity readings. I used 5lbs honey for both, and they both ended up quite dry, so it seems that I got good attenuation.


I will have to try this. I love a good dry mead, and a session one at that!

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Definitely worth it. Should be carbonated as well. I just had one of the heather ones, I think I’m gonna do another batch tomorrow.