Sidra em Portugal

Hi, im planning a trip to Portugal in January. I can find craft beer easily but id like to try some cider, whether thats Spanish or Portugese. Does anyone know of any producers in Portugal, or bars / shops that might sell it? Ill be flying into Lisbon then renting a car to drive to Porto for a few days

Muito Obrigado!

Hi Mat,
is not easy to find good cider in Portugal. Anyways, you can find portuguese cider in the supermarkets:

  • Pingo doce: It sells their own cider Ā«Pingo Doce Sidra maƧaĀ». You can easily find Pingo Doce anywhere in Portugal.

  • Continente: Same story. Ā«Sidra de maƧa ContinenteĀ».

Obviously this could be not good cidersā€¦Musa launched a craft cider a couple of months ago, named Peste & Sidra and you can find it at Ā«Armazem da cerveja (Porto)Ā» and i suppose that in the Ā«Musa FĆ”brica (Lisboa)Ā»

I think you could find a couple of ciders from Northern Spain at Ā«Restaurante ImanolĀ» at Ā«El corte InglĆ©s: Club gourmetĀ» in Lisboa. And the last time I was in Ā«Catraio (Porto)Ā» they had bottles of galician cider Ā«Lagar de RibelaĀ».

I hope it helps!
If you need more information about Porto beer scene do not hesitate to contact me. Cheers!

Awesome thanks mate, thats a good start. I did read about a new-ish producer based on the coast somewhere too.

Yes, nearer the time i might get your thoughts in places in Porto. It doesnt look like a country too many people on RB visit so im hoping to update some of the place reviews. Many thanks!

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Madeira has many cider producers but I dont know if you can find the Madeira Ciders in Mainland Portugal. I could ask if you want.

Try contacting @andrepintado. HeĀ“s a portuguese rateberian interested in cider who may help you.

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