Similar Posts - how does this work?

I just started a topic on the discussion of the Reinheitsgebot on the RB Facebook page in the German regional forum to get things started. After a while, you get suggestions for similar posts - and they weren’t even close. Same with this post.

How does this work? Will it improve? So many questions!

Yeah it’ll improve as the forum gets populated with more and more topics. It’s basically useless at the moment. But when the forums have more posts it’ll be able to get topics that are actually similar based on the tags used and common words/phrases occurring in the subject/body of the threads.

I’m very curious about how this function performs/improves as we grow.

Same here, excited to see how this will perform once it is used to our slang. :wink:

See now i want to start a thread called the CAGarvie similar to your thread thread, and try and tag it and add words so that its always suggested as a similar thread

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