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Slovenia regional split

So, if we get regions for Slovenia, it should be these, right @MarkoNm @Kita @Hrabren ?

Central Sava
Central Slovenia
Littoral–Inner Carniola
Lower Sava
Southeast Slovenia
Upper Carniola

Postal codes don’t link to these statistical regions really, tho.

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Those are the statistical regions, correct. Only used for statistics and corona prevention mesures, by the way. But it is the best way of splitting.
The English names are somewhat stupid, but again, these are the correct ones.

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And you are correct about the postal codes.

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Yeah, was thinking the same thing about the English names. :smiley: Our translations are kinda okay, definitely not as far from the original as Slovenian ones are… Weird.


True, these are the right statistical regions with weird English names, but we’ll not invent something new here, I suppose.

I’m not really keen on dividing our huuuuuuuge country, but if all countries will be regionalized then ok. I just hope that someday dividing will not go any further as we have more than 200 municipalities, which is a complete nonsense.


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550+ cities and municipalities here, uneducated “cousins” (most belonging to a certain party, often but far from exclusively immigrants from the Balkans to Croatia) needed to be employed to play Solitaire on taxpayers’ money and keep said party in power.

Don’t doubt that the motivation for that was not dissimilar there. :smiley:

On a more serious note - you guys have more breweries than us I’d guess (heck, at some point you had more active brewpubs just in southern part of Primorska than Croatia had in its entire territory), so there’s definitely more than enough breweries there to warrant a split - and unlike in some countries we wouldn’t have to invent regions.

Maybe the traditional regions:

V današnji Sloveniji so naslednje neformalne pokrajine: Gorenjska (2a), (slovenska) Štajerska (4), Prekmurje (5), (slovenska) Koroška (3), Notranjska (2b), Primorska (1) in Dolenjska (2c).

pet, 9. tra 2021. u 17:31 Marko via RateBeer Forums <ratebeer@discoursemail.com> napisao je:

I’d be against this division into traditional regions. One of the things is, where to put Ljubljana. Also, the current 12 statistical regions is much better, because it divides Stajerska into two parts (even 3), as people prefer.

Also, among the 12 regions, all of them have breweries. It’s true Zasavje only has 1 (and 1 retired).

Have we decided on this list above here? I see some dissent on original traditional regions @hrabren ?


That’s the decided list, yes.

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