Snallygaster 2023

Here’s a loose planning thread before the chaos… @mansquito and @explosivedog , you guys coming down again this year?

Tickets already purchased.


Good chance we will be heading down as well.

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I feel partly involved with this festival !

Only because I signed up to the table service app when I was in Bluejacket in April, so they emailed me about it !

I won’t be going sadly.

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Sweet, ya @nimbleprop is actually going to come this time. @radagast83 as usual. We all have VIP this time.

Also, @beastiefan2k usually sneaks in the back and scores us free beer. How does that work at a all you can drink festival? I’ll leave it up to your imagination…

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Keep the calendar open @Theydon_Bois … you never know :rofl:

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My wife and I have shamefully purchased Very Unimportant Person passes (VUP).

Don’t worry, we’ll save some milkshake IPAs for you. Maybe a Brut IPA

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I’ve been busy dealing with house construction and all the downsides that come with it… finally making it back on RB.

Stoked for Snally this year. Last year was particularly good, not for any particular reason, but I’m just really feeling it this time. I haven’t done VIP in a few years, so hopefully it’s just as good as I remember it.

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