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STATES / REGION for all countries

We already have STATES/PROVINCES/REGIONS/PREFECTURES/… for 4 countries.

Should we finally have the same for ALL countries?

I know some countries are smaller than others but that’s no reason not to have their regions listed in the REGION FIELD list. For those smaller countries, they could still be grouped under a single country page, but at least this would remove the need of City names with region name included in it.

@services @joet


ISO beer from each of Lesotho’s 10 districts.


walking distance = Easy ticks :wink:

We should roll them out gradually, make it a series of events and discussion.


I’ve been hoping for this for years. The countries that have their own subdivisions don’t even account for the countries that have the most people having rated beer from them. I don’t think there’s much reason anymore to not roll this out to more countries. I’d love to see this available for, at the very least, all countries with over 5,000 unique raters rating beers from them.

If this is the kind of thing that requires a lot of work from admins (e.g., assigning every brewery and place a region), then I’m sure there are a few non-admins here that would love to provide a helping hand :wave:t2: Let’s add regions for Belgium, Poland, and the Netherlands!



Depends anyway how easily it can be implanted.

  1. DEVs need to create a separate page per BREWER REGION page and PLACE REGION page for sure, and link it to the current whole country page, but the mechanism already exist, so that’s not a big of a deal and they have been doing this when they added new countries for ages…

  2. The REGION field already exist so that’s not a big of deal either. …as long as the region field being left empty doesn’t mess up being in the Country page, it would be alright. (sometime in Canada, there’s some breweries where the region field wasn’t save for whatever reason but they still appear on the Canada page so it should work)

  3. For places, it shouldn’t change things as long as they keep correct geolocations, which I think is not linked to Region field in any way right now.

  4. This would of course mean (lot of) work for admins because those regions won’t add themselves to brewer/place profiles.

This is very weird that we have regions for a few countries but not for others…

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For example, Japan as 47 Prefectures, ok that’s a lot for such a small country…but for stats, we still have the (whole) Japan Country page, each prefecture page would be there too but, that’s just extra stats, and it’s future proof, if they want to separate awards in the future based on prefecture instead of just whole Japan, then it would be there. For the rest, in changes absolutely nothing, apart than people putting City, Region or City (region) for city name because the city name comes more than once in a single country.

(Russia is funny too, with Oblast, Okrug, Krai and Republics :stuck_out_tongue: )


Have you tried walking in the Drakensberg? There are easier ticks…
Seriously we tried to get some more countries split some years ago, but were let to know that it would require a real user push for that to happen.


We don’t have a user base since 2017… we need to get over it :wink:

IMO, that’s just minor DEV work (creating the pages and linking, something @services did very efficiently recently) so if they are willing to put some effort on it, that wouldn’t be a problem. That would mean lot of work for admins (and users) but like I said, as long as it doesn’t mess up the Country page, there’s no hurry to fix everything.


I am a user pushing!


Exactly at this point it’s about keeping who we currently have and many folks have wanted more region breakdowns for many years now. I always wanted Belgium, Japan and Italy personally for my top 3 new maps. Mostly because I drink lots of sake and visit italy every once and awhile.

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Same here. But it seems that every so often this topic is raised on the forums and there’s lots of discussion, people volunteering their free time to help make it work, etc. but (correct me if I’m wrong) we never ever actually get any response from the people that run the site regarding this.

Tbh, sadly I don’t think they give many shits about regions.


well, let’s try it again in 2020.

@joet @services, if we provide the correct infos about regions for each country, would you be okay to add their respective pages, something that would future proof the site in this regard?

I do not either, especially when it comes to personal stats…, but I find it very dumb having a Region field not used and people copy/pasting the region in the city name or in the address instead because the region field is not available.


It’s usually a ‘not right now’, which I think is a little unfair to the dwindling hardcore userbase that sticks around in the hope that RB will add features that dedicated users regularly ask for. Moving towards regions for all countries would be a great step in that direction.

It wouldn’t just be good for stats nerds, either. Being able to browse places or breweries by adminnistrative regions (instead of just a massive list of cities and towns) would be really useful.


And, it might doesn’t mean anything for outsiders, but for people living in that country, it means a lot I’m 100% sure.


No expectations, but how hard can it be.
Run a list of country, City to a spreadsheet.
Add Region column.
Add Sql update statement for update region for that.
Remaining should be adjust screens to include that country. (thats probably the biggest job).


This isn’t very difficult.

Here’s how pages architecture works

ratebeer .com/breweries/(country or region name)/(country region number)/(country number)/
Canada: Ontario
but that doesn’t mean a lot since I can move other country regions to Canada if I want
Canada: Alabama

ratebeer .com/places/countries/(country number)/
Region List (old unused page, but still useful to know exactly own much places per region a country have)
ratebeer .com/places/(country name)/(country number)/
Canada: Alberta
ratebeer .com/places/(country name)/(region name)/(region number)/


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You guys put a lot of thought and effort into things that will obviously never happen.

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C’mon man, it’s been a terrible year and we don’t need a poop garnish on the shit sandwich :man_cook:t2:

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This has been up before. And as usual nothing will happend. We know that there is no will at all for that.
It should be a simple task to adkust to include in the DB, but there will definitely be no will to change for the views in the site.

I.e. Norway 11 regions. 389 Breweries inkl. retired. maybe 1000 places inkluded retired.
Take a good day to go through lets say 1500 “cities” and put them into right region in a spreadsheet.
Remaining is just a script job for whats needed on the database.

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