Stats - New breweries in Germany 2020

As every year here is a overview of new breweries added to RB in 2020:

TOTAL: In Germany we added 147 new BREWERIES in 2020 to the Ratebeer database.

Check your stats here:

Warning: link takes a while to load. Click “Est.” twice to sort by year most recent, then scroll down and count how many you have a blue checkmark next to.

This link now includes Cideries and Meaderies as well so the total for 2020 is 166.

Past years:

2017 - 116 : Stats - New breweries in Germany 2017
2018 - 157 : Stats - New breweries in Germany 2018
2019 - 122 : Stats - New breweries in Germany 2019

2020 - 147 -> numbers rising again, even though quite a few of this years added have been around in 2019 already as well.

Breakdown by states / Bundesländer:

Sum is only 138, so either I miscounted somewhere or some breweries aren´t categorized in there respective Bundesland.

Breakdown by type of brewery:

Type Number
Microbrewery 58
Client Brewer 77
Brewpub 6
Contract Brewery none
Brewpub/Brewery 1
Commercial Brewery none
Comissioner 5

There still are for sure a couple of wrong ones, especially Micros that should be Clients and Clients that should be Commissioner. I already submitted changes for obvious ones. When adding please research a bit more carefully :wink:

In Germany we added 17 new CIDERIES in 2020 to the Ratebeer database:

Germany Cideries | RateBeer

There is still a lot of work to do here. I am aware of at least 5-10 more small Apfelwein/Viez producers in my region. But as they often even have interent presence it takes work.

In Germany we added 2 new MEADERIES in 2020 to the Ratebeer database:

Germany Meaderies | RateBeer

In Germany we still have 0 SAKE producers in 2020.