StevoJ cracks Top 100 Raters list!

Something I’ve only wished could come true. I now this changes daily, but I’m working a backlog of about 75 beers, so i think my position may be safe for now! Finaly no more having to scroll down to go to Page 2.



Congrats, that’s a big milestone. I’ll be there myself once I’ve overtaken 690 other raters :roll_eyes:.

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Edit: Just realized I have dropped off the first page! Booo! Lol (I can’t keep up with you young whippersnappers anymore.)

Way to go :beers:

62 years young. Retirement has given me more time for beer travel

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Congrats @stevoj! I’ve been working my way towards this, once they removed the ability to go to page 2 from top of the page it sucked and became a priority. Cheers, Shawn

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Congrats. I have been stuck in the 220s and 230s for years. Serious amount of beer. Serious amount of rating.