Stockholm, Copenhagen, Faroe Islands

Ok, I’ve done my homework and checked the places for these parts of the world. But if anyone has any suggestions what is not to be missed there (top places), let me know - I’ll be going there in about a weeks time.
Or any other suggestion is more than welcome of course

@VsXsV @omhper could you please instruct this fine gentleman with a fantastic name? :smiley: Beyond the very obvious stuff like Zum Franziskaner and Akkurat.

As for Copenhagen, I’ve recently had an absolute blast at SKAAL with @Ungstrup and @yespr - a fantastic bar by all means, and Ølbaren has confirmed its classic status, especially when Jacob’s doing the quiz, but there are far more informed people about the state of the scene than me, there should be plenty of local Danes seeing this.

And if you’re with car - you can buy some fantastic stuff at Amager (their tiny batch barrel aged stuff for example), probably cheaper than elsewhere.

Thanks @Marko - great name, btw.
Skaal was one of the places that got my attention already.
Sadly no car and only 1 full day in Copenhagen so will have to do with that.

Besides the obvious bars (like mentioned by Marko), I’d like to vouch for three of the brewpubs in Stockhiolm.

  • Fjäderholmarna is a short boat ride from old town (just opposite Zum Franziskaner). It is glorious on a sunny summer day, and the beer is pretty good.
  • Vört is located in the medieval valves of old town, This brewpub has a rocky history, but has really solid beers and a good location for rainy days, or to cool down in case of scorching days.
  • Waza may not have a spectacular location, but they have the beer…

When are you coming?

Thanks for your input - will try to check them out.
I’m coming on Tuesday, 26th and leaving on Thursday

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What are the latest new interesting tick bars in Stockholm? Just planning for a short visit (3-4 days) in January. Ferry and hotels looks very cheap…