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Tasting - Sunday, November 19th?

Hey everyone. I’ve decided to post this here as well since I know the forums are transitioning soon…

Not sure who might be available, but if enough people are in, my wife is out of town the weekend of November 18th so I have the whole house to do a tasting.

If some other weekend works better, I’d be down for it then, but might not be able to host.

i would if i could, bit i can’t so i won’t

but enjoy

I replied on the old forum, where my Avatar lives, Seems to have been converted to some some weird 90 degree tilted “do not enter” symbol. Anyway, should be able to make it.

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That’s generally how most of us see you, Dick

Thanks, Josh. I always considered myself pretty svelte.

It sounds like the 19th might be better, so I’ll get an event on the calendar in the next day or two.

Here’s the spreadsheet to kick this off:

Event has been added. All are welcome!


We might only have a handful of regulars this time compared to other tastings (Andy, Josh and Jason seem to be out), but that’s okay… We’ll make due, even if it’s a “smaller” tasting because smaller tastings seem to easily get out of hand anyway.

Please feel free to reach out to other people who aren’t active or aren’t on RB. Just let me know if you do so I can make sure to account for them. Just have them come thirsty.

As a reminder, I moved from Alexandria so please BeerMail me for the new address.

Just bumping this up to the top…

I have a few folks not on RB who are tentative. If I catch wind on what they’re bringing, I’ll update the spreadsheet.

Please send me your address via beer mail. Thanks!

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