Thai regions

Seems like there are two ways to do this. One, which I’d opt for, is the six regions:
Central Thailand, including the Thai capital of Bangkok,
Eastern Thailand,
Northern Thailand,
Northeast (Isan),
Southern Thailand
Western Thailand.

Otherwise there are 75 provinces plus Bangkok and Pattaya. That seems like a lot for one country, thoughts?

I do not know the Thai beer scene, but dividing into 76 regions seems like too many! Most breweries at RB have less than ten beers. I have not checked UT. How many regions do not have a brewery?

That’s my thinking. I have no idea about how many don’t have a brewery, but I’m not sure that’s really an argument for not splitting/splitting anyway at this point. We have 180 breweries on RB from Thailand though, so it’s up there with some we’ve already split.

Yeah 76 provinces seems way too many for that number of breweries. A couple of other countries I’d like to see split have the same issue.

I’ve had a read through the Wikipedia page on those 6 regions and I like them for the split. They’re all defined by government and have been since the 70s, and although only in use for geographical and scientific purposes apparently official websites for the provinces state which region they are in. So it seems like it’s a thing there.

As far as I can see all provinces fit neatly into one region, there’s no overlap, which should make the admin work fairly straightforward.

So yeah I vote for the 6 region split. Do we have anyone based in Thailand or at least familiar with the country to say whether this is a good way to do it?

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I think @jmgreenuk is pretty familiar with this part of the world. I remember him asking me a follow up question regarding an edit to a Thai beer that I suggested at some point. Also he’s got more than 1k Thai rates (the top rater).

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Six regions is more than enough. 98% of breweries are in Central Thailand (Bangkok) anyway and many don’t even have an official address due to the legal situation in Thailand.

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So is this how we should split things exactly here with spelling, names etc? @jmgreenuk

Central Thailand
Eastern Thailand
Northern Thailand
Northeast (Isan)
Southern Thailand
Western Thailand

Yes, that’s perfect.

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