The tick race for 2nd place

Very pleased to see the flagrantly bloated stat sheet this year. 2500 rates estimated just to approach the top 10(maybe). Bottom of the barrel will probably need more than the current 1500 estimate. Seven of the current top 50 are Friday Night RB chatroom alumni.



my year end estimate is 174 rates. that’s gotta be top 10,000. maybe.

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I’m killin’ it on Beer Pal though. :beers:


I am just below the surface with an estimate of 1,300 (ish). Top 80 maybe?

In other news; I am 101 in the top raters list and could hit the first page before the year is out (or even tomorrow if I can be bothered to rate the 20 new beers I had at a sampling yesterday!).



I gave up the ticks battle having topped out about # 67 a long time ago. I’m now at #553 but I’ve drank a few thousand beers without entering them. I don’t know how many ratings I have in old notebooks I used to keep. I watch vicariously through Bhensonb who I inspired a lot of years ago to rate and Ratman who I drop off beers to whenever I pass through Colorado!
Enjoy the battle boys and the brews of course!