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Today's Magic Number is 11

OK, take a look at your own Stats and see how often 11 turns up.

Country wise I have had 11 different beers from Finland and Thailand.

Region wise it’s 11 for Alaska, Virginia, The Isle of Wight and Saarland.

The only region that has seen me review 11 places is Nevada (no country has 11).

Easy game to play and even new guys with only a few beer rates and place reviews can play.


Argentina 11
Connecticut 11
Iowa 11

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Where does one look for these stats?

Surprisingly few times (just 3):
No styles
No countries
No regions visited


Country Place rates:
Northern Ireland

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Your profile…Countries & States. Click through the tabs and lists


Argentina 11
Wales 11
Virginia 11
Hawaii 11

Belgium 11
Norway 11
United States 11

(Plus seven styles)

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Not very magic for me.

Countries rated or visited - none.
Regions rated - 1 (New York)
Regions visited - 1 (Cumbria)
Styles - 1 (schwarzbier)

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Since the original post Finland has left the building and stands at 12 beer ratings.

I didn’t check styles like others have, having now done so 11 is a little bit more magic: I have had 11 of the following styles.
Bock - Weizenbock
IPA Sour / Wild
Porter - Flavoured
Berliner Weisse - Flavoured
Gose - Flavoured
Scottish Ale


Only looked at countries and regions and only one for me and one style.

Germany - North Rhine-Westphalia
Altbier / Sticke Alt

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@mr_pink_152, 11 is obviously not your lucky number today!


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@wheresthepath, it’s certainly not your lucky number today, but in a years time it may be!


@Jow. You are not alone it would seem. 11 isn’t anybodies ‘lucky number’ so far in the replies this thread is getting.


@bhensonb, bloody hell you started a trend of 11 not being anybodies lucky number, thanks! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Next month please select a ‘lucky number’ that’s a whole lot luckier than 11. You can have the dubious honour of starting the thread. I look forward to seeing the number of your choice.


North Carolina
Northern Rhine Westphalia

Smoked Rauchbier
IPA Flavoured
IPA White
Saison/Farmhouse Flavoured
Stout Flavoured

Styles: Pale Ale - Belgian

Countries: Australia, Cayman Islands, Turkey

Regions: Derbyshire, Lower Saxony

Places do not matter much for me, so will not tally.


Lambic - Unblended Jonge / Oude

Bock - Eisbock

Apple Cider - Hopped

I forgot about non-beer styles.

Sake - Genshu

Praise be

Countries: Thailand
States: Wisconsin
Styles are bullshit, so not even bothering to check

New Zealand


Stout - Dry
Smoked - Rauchbier
Bock - Heller
Berliner Weisse - Flavoured

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No countries
Just Wyoming as a region, and 4 styles:
Porter - Smoked
Scottish Ale
Strong Ale - English
Sour/Wild - Dark

Pretty dull

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