Two beers away from being the king of Mexico

The ticks are sitting here on my hotel desk, waiting to happen. Well actually they are already in, I just have to upload notes. @Nekronos has been sleeping too long, not watching the coast for conquistadors…


I’m on the top 50 board, but near the bottom, I bow to your achievement.


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I was mightily surprised when I found out ai was number 12 or something. Now if only I drink all those Modelo Cheladas…


Go get em!

Hell no!
Just let me get some time to go through all those reviews I have pending.
Nobody gets my shore.


Place your bets. Place your bets!

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Hahahah classic. Watch out though @Nekronos I have some dental issues I need to solve, so sooner or later I’m going to Guadalajara for a numb face brewpub tour :rofl::rofl:

Also, looks like the current standings have me ahead by 23… Also once I enter some ratings I may pass @werckmeister as king of Colombia.