Underrated pubs

I am in the mood for starting topics. Not sure why. Maybe it’s the religious fervour of the Easter weekend. Maybe it’s alcohol…

Anyway, what are everybody’s most underrated pubs? I dont mean the best, i mean the unsung heroes. The ones that you gave a 74 or thereabout but they are the sort of places that seem to slip under the rader of most beer geeks.

I’m going for the Newshouse Nottingham. What a great boozer, with an incredible little selection. Absolutely dead on Good Friday when you cant move in Ye Olde Trip or the Canalhouse.

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Agreed on Newshouse. As you probably know manager is ex Vat & Fiddle

For my entry I’m going for the Sheaf View in Sheffield. A lot of visitors miss it simply cos it’s in the opposite direction from the station compared to the infamous Kelham/Shalesmoor/Neepsend circuit. 8 cask, 6 craaaaft keg which are getting ever more adventurous, and just a nice place. Don’t go before/after a United game though!


Have to give that one a go next time im in Sheffield!