Updated Beer Style Descriptions

I see the Styles Description have been uploaded to the site. Nice!

I found a few corrections that should be made:

Kölsch / Kölsch-Style title should be renamed Kölsch / Kolsch-Style (searching for “kolsch” right now doesn’t return result unless you put “ö”, this way the style would at least appear)

Sour/Wild - Dark should be renamed Sour / Wild Beer - Dark to keep consistency with the others Sour. And it should be move to SOUR BEER (right now with BELGIAN-STYLE)

Bock - Weizenbock should be renamed Weissbier - Weizenbock and it should be moved to WHEAT BEER

Saison/Farmhouse - Flavored should be renamed Saison / Farmhouse - Flavored

Dark Lager - Premium should be move to LAGERS

Apple Cider-Ice/Fire/Fortified should be renamed Apple Cider - Ice / Fortified

Mead - Braggot/Hopped should be renamed Mead - Braggot / Hopped

Mead - Melomel/Fruited should be renamed Mead - Melomel / Fruited

Low Alcohol - Wheat should be renamed Low / No Alcohol Beer - Wheat for consistency.

IIPA - Imperial / Double IPA should be renamed IIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPA for better search results

IIPA - Imperial Hazy / Double IPA should be renamed IIPA DIPA- Double Hazy NEIPA for better search results

Bière de Garde / de Mars should be renamed Bière de Garde / de Mars / Brut

Apple Cider - Hopped should be be renamed Apple Cider - Hopped / Malted / Graf

Apple Cider / Flavored : Change the 7% abv to 15% abv in the description.

I think we lost Low / No Alcohol Beer - Dark in the process. It exists, it was on the DB for a time. Could you bring it back?

Add Perry - Ice / Fortified style to for site consistency (Perries are separated from Ciders already)

@aww @services @joet


Some of it seems to lack lack logic. The site distinguishes between standard and Imperial NEIPAs but then states that Imperial Red IPA are so similar to standard Red IPAs that there is no seperate style. Are Imperial NEIPAs really that different from a NEIPA?

The definition of Apple Cider-Ice/Fire/Fortified does not mention Fire Cider at all.

Should Cider - Hopped be renamed Cider - Hopped / Graf / Malted. The definition includes a reference to Grafs and Malted Ciders. (This would also the match Mead - Braggot / Hopped.)

This was discussed between admins. Those substyles exist (or not) based on if the number of known entries is enough to justify a separate style or not. But we totally acknowledge Session/Imperial versions do exist for most of the styles…

Fire ciders are pretty similar to Ice Cider. We should either add it on the description or simply remove from the name since they are pretty rare (seems like a Quebec thing)

Yes it should, your are totally right.

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I do not get why it has not been fixed yet. This is ridiculous

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I guess it’s a North American thing in terms if justifying having a style but the one style that surprised me was Dark Lager - Hoppy. Only come across that style once. Same with with Imperial Red - although I wonder if a number of these are really Imperial Red IPAs.

I read the “Apple Cider - Hopped” description completely differently in that Graffs & Malted Ciders are mentioned as they should not be included in the style. I think they are already covered by “Flavoured - Fruit” or alternatively would be a better fit with “Apple Cider - Flavoured”

The description of “Apple Cider - Flavoured” says this “has an actual alcoholic strength between 1.5 and 7% by volume”, which means a flavoured cider above 7% isn’t covered by style description. That seems to be abit of a gap, and 2 of the top 5 “Apple Cider - Flavoured” don’t even fit the description being at 10.5% and 14%


That’s why.


Apple Cider-Ice/Fire/Fortified - “Also for Perry equivalents.”

“add it on the description or simply remove from the name” ?

Yup, those %abv weren’t supposed to cut it to the final description.

We put Graf there since they differ from flavored beers, they are a cider-beer hybrid.

Ice Perry should be completely separated from Ice Ciders but this got lost in the process, which makes no sense to have separate regular PERRY but ICE PERRY mixed with ICE CIDER

woah!..that was probably the quickest fix I’ve ever seen on this site :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s go further then:

IIPA DIPA- Double Hazy NEIPA renamed to IIPA DIPA - Hazy / Double NEIPA
Grodziskie/Grätzer/Lichtenhainer renamed to Grodziskie / Grätzer / Lichtenhainer
Gotlandsdricke/ Koduõlu/ Sahti renamed to Gotlandsdricka / Koduõlu / Sahti
Specialty Grain-Rye/Roggenbier renamed to Specialty Grain - Rye / Roggenbier
Zwickelbier/Kellerbier/Landbier renamed to Zwickelbier / Kellerbier / Landbier
IPA - Black/Brown/Cascadian Dark renamed to IPA - Black / Brown / Cascadian Dark
Bock- Heller Bock / Maibock renamed to Bock - Heller Bock / Maibock
Dark Lager - Premium renamed to Dark Lager - Intl / Premium
Low / No Alcohol Beer renamed to Low / No Alcohol Beer - Pale
Märzen / Oktoberfest Bier renamed to Märzen / Marzen / Oktoberfest Bier
Stout - Dry renamed to Stout - Dry / Irish
Stout - Extra / Foreign renamed Stout - Extra / Foreign / Tropical
Pale Lager - North Am. / Light renamed top Pale Lager - North Am. / Light / Rice
IPA - Belgian renamed to IPA - Belgian / Saison

Change the Low / No Alcohol Beer - Pale definition to this:
The Low Alcohol Beer, also seen as Non Alcohol (NA) or Dealcoholized, is beer in which the base criteria is that the beer should be between 0.05-3.5% ABV (which rules out Malta / Malzbier). This includes Low Alcohol IPAs, the classic Alkoholfrei Bier as well as the German Leichtbier, a pale, highly-attenuated, light-bodied German lager with lower alcohol and calories than normal strength beers.

Change the Low / No Alcohol Beer - Dark definition to this:
The Low Alcohol Beer, also seen as Non Alcohol (NA) or Dealcoholized, is beer in which the base criteria is that the beer should be between 0.05-3.5% ABV (which rules out Malta / Malzbier). This includes Low Alcohol Stouts as well as traditional darker Low Alcohol styles like Sweden’s Svagdricka, Denmark’s Hvidtøl and Dutch Oud Bruin.

Change the Perry - Ice / Fortified definition to this:
An Ice Perry is a perry obtained by the fermentation of the juice of pears left on trees into the winter and picked when they are frozen. This results in highly concentrated pears, from which juice is pressed and then fermented. Less traditional producers ferment juice than has been partially frozen to achieve concentration. The resulting product must have a residual sugar content of not less than 130 g per litre and an actual alcoholic strength between 7 and 13% by volume. A Fortified Perry, is a perry to which flavouring substances, sugar or pear juice may have been added, that, through fermentation or the addition of neutral alcohol, has an actual alcoholic strength between 15 and 20% by volume, and that must have the typical characteristics of an aperitif wine or the sensory characteristics of pears or perry.

Apple Cider - Ice / Fire / Fortified Add this at the end of the description:
Amber, Mistelle and Pommeau are not Ciders.

Pale Lager - North Am. / Light / Rice Add this at the end to complete the description:
Similar to American Adjunct Lagers, to which corn syrup is often used as the main adjunct, the Japanese Rice Lager uses a large proportion of rice in their making resulting in a pale yellow coloured beer with a light flavor profile and often paired with a dry refreshing finish.



Thanks people!


Just to let you know, we’ve made those changes too. Please let us know if everything looks alright.

Services @ RateBeer


Awesome. Beer Styles are almost FLAWLESS :slight_smile: Thx guys!

Last ones…since we are on a roll and since styles aren’t limited in characters like they used to be:
(note: based on what I see on my phone, some might be too long after all, but try…)

Pale Lager - Intl / Premium renamed to Pale Lager - International / Premium
Dark Lager - Intl / Premium renamed to Dark Lager - International / Premium
Amber Lager - Intl / Vienna renamed to Amber Lager - International / Vienna
Red Ale / Intl Amber Ale renamed to Red Ale / International Amber Ale
Pale Lager - India / Hoppy renamed to Pale Lager - India / Hoppy / IPL
BarleyWine / WheatWine / RyeWine renamed to Barley Wine / Wheat Wine / Rye Wine
Pale Ale - Australia / NZ renamed to Pale Ale - Australian / NZ / Pacific
IPA - Hazy / NEIPA renamed to IPA - Hazy / New England / NEIPA
Pale Lager - North Am. / Light / Rice renamed to Pale Lager - American / Light / Rice
Sour - Flanders Red / Bruin renamed to Sour - Flanders Red / Flemish Bruin
Pale Ale - Belgian to Pale Ale - Belgian / Farmhouse

And now, port the old pages to Phoenix :stuck_out_tongue:

@aww @services @joet

Why? This makes absolutely no sense.

BarleyWine / WheatWine / RyeWine renamed to Barley Wine / Wheat Wine / Rye Wine

Unsure about this one too.

It’s Světlý, NOT “Svetlý”.

I know Koduõlu or Grätzer are the right name but right now, if you search by Style (in in Brewer page, Top Beer or Add Beer Page) typing “koduolu” for example (without the special character) you get no result (note that it works fine in the APP however)…and most people don’t have that special character on their keyboard (or simply don’t know where to find it) unless they copy/paste it from existing text (even for us French Canadians full of special characters on our vowels)

For Barley Wine vs Barleywine, both ways are widely used worldwide so both would work, but seemed to me cleaner in 2 words and slightly more used than in a single word…

Indeed, it should be Světlý… again we will have to change it to Pilsener - Bohemian / Czech / Světlý - Svetly or typing “svetly” won’t return any result right now. (“polotmavý” should be fine since you can type “polotmav” and the results are showing correctly all along…

In the best of worlds, they would fix this so typing “y” “o” “e” would find results including “ý” “ö” “ě” or “õ” , just like it does in the APP (Àrěn’t wè rîght güýs? @aww @services)

This is butchering style names into senselessness due to a bug that can and should be fixed. Let’s NOT do that and rather advise to fix the bug and keep the things there are.

The cases you mention are minimal - the users who will add beers like that will have already noted how they should be added. Nobody will try to add a “Světlý”. They will go for Pilsner anyway. And the number of Koduõlus is minimal and users will try to add them will know where they are grouped.


Ah, sorry btw, missed your last sentence, we agree fully then. :smiley:

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I often drag&drop and copy/paste instead of typing, to no result (now I know the shortcut of course…). I’m trying to think about NEW USERS who won’t find the product or enter in in the wrong style because he won’t find what he typed…

Like I said, I would much rather they fix this quickly than havinh to add “similar term” to have results displayed…but you know special characters have been a problem for ages on this website so I don’t think this will be fixed soon unless there’s a miracle (and miracles shouldn’t be plan A)

Come one…this is not butchering…this is just an arbitrary fix, people aren’t that stupid…they know it’s a bypass, not another official way to write the word

lol posted before I saw your last post… Yes we do fully agree :stuck_out_tongue: