US Closures vs. Openings

From some quick searches, it looks like 385 US breweries closed this year, about 4 percent. However, another 420 opened. So even with all the “bubble has burst” talk it still inches towards 10000 breweries.


Definitely more breweries in Baltimore this year than the previous.

Seen more brewing spaces get flipped into another brand or second & third locations closing regionally. Smaller towns lose their third brewery.

Just out of curiosity, where are you getting the data you’re looking at?

Year in Beer - Brewers Association

any noteworthy new additions?

I read somewhere that they only count BA members, which makes sense.

Edit: They do have data on non BA members on the individual state pages if you adopt the craft brewer’s seal. They don’t keep track of every brewery though.

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Noteworthy, no. Ok enough that I would revisit, maybe.