User copying other raters' ratings

The user nybol seems to copy-paste a lot of his ratings. He is obviously Danish and it looks like he is just posting other people’s ratings as his own.

Out of curiosity I read some of his ratings, because he pops up quite often on my Local-page, and I recognised the rating-style of some of my RB-friends. It turns out they are excact copies of (parts of) older ratings.

Scrolling through his ratings (at least the 100 most recent) reveals that all the ratings he posts in English are copied from other raters (recent ratings, just further down the page, so it doesn’t even take long to discover).

Should I/we just ignore that and pity a clown with no imagination? I suspect these may be fake ratings…


He has been member since 2007, strange if he recently started with fake ratings. Are there any active Danish admins left at RB? Maybe someone can send nybol an email??

Yes, that would be strange. But copying other ratings is still quite odd.

His last review does not fit this mold for what its worth.

Stroke my mind that maybe he has been hacked and someone else is doing this.
It make no sense that a member since 2007 suddenly should start this behavior.

It’s a part of MiP’s rating that has been copied here.

Ah did not catch that in my skim.