Wales is changing!

@minutemat is about to become the top rater. I blame Polly’s and Cider to be honest. 3 Horse race with Glen (@imdownthepub) a close third.

It’s not that long ago I was writing about Wales not having many rater’s above 100, you now need 174 to get onto the leader board, how times have changed. Well actually it was on the old forum pages that we discussed Wales last time around, so it’s a while since then!



It seems to have got harder to get Welsh rates recently, however, I did visit South Wales last year for a couple of weeks, so I did boost it then. Noticed a couple at GBBF Winter Ales this week that I will target.
I have managed to get 4 of the 8 districts through 100 ratings and Dyfed is in the 90’s now.


I’m sitting at 48th at the moment with 180 rates. Its a tougher leaderboard than it used to be thats for sure.

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Recommend Wales Ales if you’re looking for Welsh ticks. Good value and a lot of breweries you won’t find outside Cymru.

I had a subscription with him for a long while which boosted my no. of Welsh ticks (think I’m up to 400ish on the yellow app). Plenty of stuff from Tenby, Tenby Harbwr, Twt Lol, Left Bank (recommended!), Dogs Window, Lucky 7, 9 Lives and more.

It might not be obvious from the site but he will ship.


Yes yes exciting times :wales::wales:🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

I’ve actually got enough Welsh beer at home to bag me this prestigious acolade since last year but just haven’t been drinking a lot recently. I’ll probably tuck in to them shortly.

Living 9 miles from the border helps. Polly’s, Wild Horse, Tiny Rebel et al are all ubiquitous in border town craft alehouses, and all the Welsh craft bars have a nice focus on Welsh breweries… really not hard to bump the ticks up.


I went to a Tiny Rebel 11th Birthday tap take over last week. I had all eight of their ‘Blends’, it was hard work to be honest. All weird flavourings and an average of 7.4% ABV, had a headache the following day.



I’m giving these a miss.

All rated 3.0 I presume.

The Tiny Rebel tap take over I went to didn’t serve blends just the base beers. Still unusual flavours.

These are the three I had.

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Oh I only had the Birthday beers, all 8 of them. I did blend 2 after drinking half, but I didn’t like them so stopped mixing them.

No not all 3’s @SHIG, I will rate them soon (just ticks at the moment).


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When you see beers like those for sale from Wales, you can see it is changing!. Where are the days when you could just get Brains Bitter?

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Those were the days Glen, Brains SA didn’t have any lactose or pineapple chunks in it and still doesn’t!


It does if i drink too many of them

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What better beer to achieve it than Polly’s Welsh Red Ale ‘Am Byth’ - which translates in this context as as Long Live Wales! (Cymru Am Byth)


Great stuff, congratulations.

No time for slacking with you so close behind! :wales::wales:🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

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