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What piss are you drinking for the ashes?


this sounds cliche but i think i’ll stock up on oil cans of foster’s. not a fuck lot of aussie piss for us yanks




i’m sure as fuck not going to drink hot, flat, low boost, buttery gazza goldes


what’s a new aged guy like you going to drink? LaCroix?


Session goldes, mate.

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English beers I’ll session
Stuff like
Fullers London porter
Beaverton cans like Snake oil

Aussie shit

Little Creatures





how the fuck do you post videos , that link is correct ?

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These tests will be on at 1am in the morning I don’t boost at that time


I’m successful , I can boost at 2:am and still make money

Another win for Gary


Dick head


That’s how you fucken do it @gary get a fucken clue

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Another win for Gary

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Cliff Richard is like the English Queen


@hawthorne00, whatcha drinking for the pivotal first day?


@discobot Drop Bloke


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


It’s nearly two weeks away - the whole 'strayan beer scene could be transformed by then.