What should Glen do: County Stat's almost completed

We are currently on our 41st English County and about to finish the weekly stat attack Glen has kindly fronted for ten months.

The question is; what next?

I think the weekly, single county threads have run their course and a new direction is required. They’ve been very interesting, but the number of participants isn’t growing and if anything is beginning to drop off a little.

May I suggest a Country version of the Stat be considered. Obviously Glen (@imdownthepub) can’t choose Iran, or Togo, etc, etc, so a new system would have to be used rather than a random selector button as is the case at the moment.

Please post your thoughts and then we can see what Glen would like to do!


I’m sure this has been a lot of work for Glen and it’s much appreciated. I wouldn’t blame him a bit if he decided to take break from these after 46th has been posted.


Yeah thanks to @imdownthepub for keeping the troops entertained

I nominate @BlackHaddock to take the reigns on the new venture


I think you will find I did the first county stat and Glen decided to take over; he loves it!

But thanks for the vote @Theydon_Bois.



I’m not exaggerating when I say that these county stats have kept my buoyed up during rough times.

We could do countries, or non-English regions that might have a reasonable amount of rates (California, Bavaria, Grampian etc).

I like the idea of going straight to Scottish and Welsh regions but there are some that might not have that much at all (I’m looking at you Ayrshire).

Big breweries? We don’t all like the same things, so while I could wax lyrical about breweries x y and z they won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.


He must have identified your efforts as sub-par from the start. :joy:

Just kidding, the UK forum keep the pulse of RateBeer alive.


Yes it’s been a struggle over the weeks to keep it going and I will be happy to hand over the reigns once its over, just a few more to do now. We did say that we should cover the islands and territories so the likes of Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Mann would be covered, even Gibraltar perhaps. Someone new can put a different slant on it. I have enjoyed it immensely but I need the rest.


OK Glen, I am happy to take over once you’ve crashed and burnt. Just let me know when you wish to bow out and there will be a seamless transfer of power.

Having said that, if anyone else has a desire to start a Stat thread on a weekly basis please come forward and state your claim.


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Normally I’m all for peaceful transfers of power, but lets not be hasty in ruling out some kind of competition? Wrestling? Socially distanced feats of strength? Consumption of the most <2.0 ratings in one sitting? Or some similarly silly bit of entertainment??? :smiley:

No problems Jeremy. Once the final English county has gone into publication, I think there must be 5 left to do, then it is all yours or anyone else ready to step up to the mark.

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We could put it into a vote: Devolved nations? Bigger non-UK regions? Random countries? Styles? Football grounds? Pub chains (BrewDog, Wetherspoons, etc)? Types of venue (tearooms, shops, restaurants)?

Some of the above may be better ideas than others, and I’d be surprised if all of these could comeclose to Glen’s sterling efforts, but the possibilities are endless!

I’d be willing to try some of these but don’t expect them to be great as my knowledge is far from encyclopedic

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I’m not sure if it is thread-worthy but I would be interested to hear a bit more about some of the trails around the main brew hubs, including what makes a good trail. If anyone has any maps of such things it would be a godsend, once the present viral madness abates fully.
How many stops make a good trail? If you were doing an afternoon in Bristol what would be your top 5, that would be my kind of thing to read but in many cases I would have little to add beyond an occasional question.


I have also very much enjoyed reading the County Stat posts, even if I haven’t posted much myself. Maybe I’m just waiting for Northumberland to crop up, where I’ve holidayed every year since I joined RB!

Hasn’t Northumberland been done yet ? I thought it had…

No, Northumberland is one of the final 5. In alphabetical order those left to do are -
West Sussex

My vote is for @cgarvieuk to do Scottish counties, but has to type the reviews up in his accent.


I knew we hadn’t seen Rutland.

Bedfordshire… what a dull county!

Bedfordshire might be boring but they did have that Bedford Van with sliding doors, so you could drive with the doors open!




Speak for yourself. Where else could you get the wonderful ‘Unknown Origin’ beers at source?

Got to be done, might be a quiet week on replies though!