What to do in Manhattan?

I’ve been away too long. Apparently, Ginger Man is closed. What’s the most worthwhile beer thing to do in Manhattan nowadays? I checked Blind Tiger but was unimpressed with the tapList.

I’ll be there Saturday but I realize that no one may see this thread before then. However, still worth posting in here for the future

Proletariat moved and became a British restaurant???

I’m getting old

Best bars in Manhattan these days are As Is in Hell’s Kitchen, and The Grand Delancey on the Lower East Side.

Haven’t been to the new Proletariat yet, but also probably good.

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The Grand Delancey? Augurs Well was good. The Jeffrey Craft Beer & Bites. Carmine Street Beers.

Yeah Proleteriat moved.

I’d say good stuff is in Brooklyn. Specially Park Slope/Prospect Heights.


Damn The Grand Delancey looks great!

Torch & Crown also exists if you want a brewery, but it is not great.

Milk & Hops in Chelsea is good. The Craft & Carry locations do the trick (especially for me as kid friendly). City Beer on 39th and 3rd is another solid hybrid store/bar.

But yeah, As Is and Grand Delancey are the best.

I havent been in years, but i remember enjoying Augurs Well very much. Fools Gold was also a decent venue, looks like it’s still around.

It is interesting how NYC beer landscape changed since my first visits in 2014 and 2017. At least a dozen of places were closed - mostly Midtown and Williamsburg.

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I only got to The Jeffery but was happy. I basically just went through their vintage menu. Some were too old and some were fine while some where on the menu but not actually available. But the prices were good. The space was surprising.

I’ll be back for The Grand Delaney on the next trip.

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I’m stunned to hear Ginger man is closed, covid? or another reason?

Can’t find any worthwhile sources discussing this. But I imagine the sudden drop of after work midtown crowds couldn’t have been good.

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They simply never reopened after COVID. Rents in that part of the city are insane, so they would need a huge amount of foot traffic to make it week, and presumably there was never a point where the numbers would have worked.

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It’s 2 or 3 years since I was there, but here’s another vote for Milk & Hops.

Apparently this place exists: https://www.thatwitchalesyou.com/

Never heard of it until today.