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Harvest Belgian pale ale (not awesome at all, wondering how I’ll ever kick that keg TBH)
Citra NEIPA (delightful)
Coffee stout was very good but fading, it’s about to kick so that’s good

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Wow. I would love to have a set up like that. At the moment I have bottles in boxes.

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Whatcha got in bottles then? I wanted to make a what are you drinking thread but didn’t want to mess with the other one

The beer fridge is definitely one of the better purchases/setups I have ever gotten into though, definitely makes for good house parties.

My tap setup is a bit simpler. There’s room for two kegs though, thinking about adding a tower to it too. Though, I don’t brew often enough or go through enough beer to warrant having two at the same time. Currently having the lager I mentioned in the other thread on, a 5% / 37 IBU northern German pilsner.

Using this fridge for fermentation too, would like to have a separate one though. Tough as I’m currently living on 39 square meters so it’ll have to wait.

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Nothing too exciting. A 4% Golden ale, a 4.5% malty Bitter and a 6.3% Mild. The golden ale is refreshing enough. The Bitter is made with Admiral hops, but too much on the malty side. The Mild is developing into a decent beer.

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I too just bottle. Currently got two boxes of our strong Belgian blonde with berries. Also cracked the first bottle of our rhubarb and strawberry smoothie IPA over the weekend. Both much better than I was anticipating.

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in bottles right now (but nearly finished drinking): a SMaSH with Wiener & Palisade that is pretty damn drinkable

for Christmas in bottles: a Kazbek dryhopped Tripel that is not quite ready yet

also for Christmas in bottles: a Habanero & Cinnamon ImpStout that I wanted to brew with jonas, but then he brewed it on his own because we couldn’t fix a brew date.

Been making mostly NE DIPAs lately. Nothing terribly exciting about them from a recipe or process standpoint. Just something to drink.

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This is what we came up with in the end btw: https://beercalc.org/?t=159756

Quite nice now, will be interesting to see how it works out in December.

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1 habanero was enough to get the heat you were looking for?

I wanted to put more in, but the beer is seriously hot right now.

Let’s hope the heat will still be good when it’s Christmas.

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Easily, I actually fished most of it out after a day because I thought it was strong enough already. We could perhaps have had a little bit more cinnamon and cocoa nibs.

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Only bottles. Currently available:

  • 2016 fresh hop rye ale 6% (probably going to drainpour the last bottles)
  • imperial rye stout 10% (almost gone sadly)
  • baltic porter 8%
  • baltic porter with blueberries
  • barley wine 15% (just a test if I could do that. I can, and I quite like it as well)
  • oaked version of the barley wine
  • ESB(-ish) 6% (2nd runnings of the barley wine)

Just gone:

  • raspberry milk stout 6% (was lovely!)
  • mango wit 4.5%

I have a dipa planned, I’m really short on hoppy stuff.

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I have:
A smoked brown ale (only a few bottles of that left)
English bitter
Norwegian farmhouse ale
Smoked porter
A different Norwegian farmhouse ale
Pear cider

Starting to run lowish on most of these, I have a tripel in secondary fermentation that I’m probably gonna bottle next month and a dubbel in primary, plus a beer that started life as a saison that’s been souring since April and is probably ready to bottle. I also have a blueberry melomel in secondary, I decided it needed more blueberries so I added another 6lbs. That won’t be ready for a while.

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