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Whats your easiest missing country

NI should be fairly Easy now . With Boundary being the one that jumps to mind first

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Shangri-La Black Yak is a China beer i randomly ran across here in America don’t remember where.

May have replied on this thread before. Slovakia. My parents went there so I asked them to bring me something back. I got an Austrian Helles.

Next two are Turkey and Argentina. Could.do easily enough via pale lager.

Master Gao has a NE distributor in the US.

Most craft breweries in China are either too small to export or focused on local/regional/national sales and can’t be bothered to go through the export approval process. Master Gao, Panda, and Shangri-La are exporting to limited markets. Otherwise, the only ways one may come across China craft beer outside the country is at a beer festival or via the grey market.

Argentina. You can get Quilmes in the UK but I’ve not bothered. Other than that I haven’t seen anything.

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A few months ago I may have said Ethiopia. Only because my wife and I love Ethiopian restaurants.
I hardly ever have a beer though. They all seem to be similar pale lagers and I’m stuffed anyway.


I responded to this thread in November 2017 and my answer hasn’t changed, Latvia. I’m at 92 countries would love to get to 100 someday.

160 Guatemala
157 El Salvador
144 Bahamas

Don’t think I will come across any of these in Europe.

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Exactly the same for me.

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The country that should be higher is Mozambique. The popular UK restaurant chain Nandos stocks 3M (or whatever it’s called) so an easy trick.

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Most difficult rated:

Easiest unrated:
US Virgins

Countries rated: 140


I have ordered it in three separate Nandos and they are always out of stock. I don’t know how many more Nandos I am willing to go to.

In that case I was lucky. I never have to step foot in a Nandos again.

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As of July 2020,

#198 - Wales
#187 - Hungary

Wow. I didn’t realize I had such easy ones left.

As for the hardest to obtain that I HAVE rated,

#22 Anguilla
#28 Guinea-Bissau

Thanks to travlr for those. I wonder how many of those hard to get countries have been from bottle shares with Gene for others.

They had it at the Nandos in Belfast NIR I was pleased with that. My last country tick I believe

That’s where I was until a few months ago. Even had a trip there scheduled in June that was canceled. But alas I got it. Now it’s Bosnia and Herzegovina

I should probably send a little package in September after I’m back from Croatia your way - should be able to find that tick for you there.

My easiest is Philippines, however I do have a bottle in my system that I will get to eventually. Next is Dominican Republic and third Colombia. Not really sure how I will target those countries yet, but always hope.

Dominican Republic shouldn’t be too hard I reckon, with a little luck. I’d actually had Presidente twice, first time in Belgium in 2011 I guess, then again somewhere, somehow in 2015. Probably limited to Latino-style bars and clubs, if even available anymore tho.

Colombia’s maybe a little harder - no idea where Ogi got Poker from, but likely somehwere in Europe, the other rate I have of it is directly from there tho…

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