Where to find Red IPAs?

Getting one of these delivered in my weekly soopy meerkat run. If they don’t substitute it with Punk.

There’s a Track / Elusive collab knocking about currently, it’s a tasty drop



And following hot on the heels of Track and Elusive’s collab are Sureshot and Siren


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Want that one


Added back in 2017 and no one rated it! Anyway, they’ve just rebrewed it. Technically not a Red IPA but a “hoppy red ale” it’s basically the same thing.

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Just did my first Siren order for a year or so (direct from them)

You need £60 to achieve free postage

I normally end up grabbing a couple of Maidens for this purpose

Loaded up all the Siren beers I needed then noticed the ONE guest beer was this Sureshot Collab … in the basket … Total from 13 beers EXACTLY £60.00 !!!

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Nice one! That’s also exactly what I did. Just went through all the beers on their site and added all the ones I hadn’t had before (including the Sureshot), came to just over £60 for me. Ideal.

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This one’s pretty decent; currently pouring at the Mad Squirrel bars:


I managed to track down this Sureshot/Verdant collaboration. It’s a very nice red IPA. https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/sureshot-siren-the-hunt-is-on/1153548

Other good red IPAs I’ve enjoyed in recent months (all have been highlighted before in this thread) include:




Glad to hear it! I still haven’t had my can yet. Got a huge stash in the fridge and older hazies are taking priority at the moment.

Oh, one more Red IPA I forgot to mention was https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/phantom-road-rage/1145756/
I think it’s probably sold out everywhere now as Phantom do very small batches. LeftFieldBeer still have 7 cans in stock as of right now though.

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I’ve just had the Track / Elusive Ten Falls Red IPA which is also Gluten Free, very nice!


Going to have Phantom Road Rage later. Around here - available at a couple of garden centres…

Which reminds me… isn’t one lf those Bed Elf beers that turn up at Garden Centres at this time of year a Red IPA (or at least an Impy Red).

Lakes have one out :

Lakes Sleigh It Ain’t So Red IPA

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