Where to find Red IPAs?

Was a very good year.

Couple of decent options recently

Baron purchased from Raynville
Purple Moose was from the brewery online shop


I will be on the lookout for that Baron, which I might be able to find at a local shop. Doubt I will find my way to the Navigator, though.

I tried the Baron Red DIPA and thought it was excellent. I’ve not tried a Navigators beer before but their Red IPA looks very nice.


Had the Baron at Lords, watching England v Ireland, it was good

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Be still my beating heart!


Your son @Leighton has died of Red IPA dysentery.

Also, ISO pandas of those beers.


Aren’t pandas banned now, due to some nonsense taxation bull :poop: :grinning:

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Urostomy bags are the way to go.


Just checked my stats: Only had 17 but 6 of those are in the top 50 on RateBeer.


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Old school tonight. Bottle has been aged a few years but still loads of oily hops. Punchy stuff at 8.5%.


I’m guessing at least 8 years old?

Good red IPA, must be fairly widely available I would expect.


Available in Tesco I believe.

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New collab from Moor and Burning Sky. Trembling Mad got it in today so that’s been added to my latest order.


Kernel London Brick is back!


Siren’s Liquid Mistress is also coming back!

Investor email:

Hey everyone,

As the eagle-eyed among you will have spotted, the winner by some distance of our 10th Anniversary Comeback vote was Liquid Mistress.

This iconic Red IPA was a part of the original lineup of flagship beers back in 2013, but has never previously been available in cans, and probably won’t be ever again.

It features a rich, nutty and hearty malt base, with a deep red colour and plenty of body. To balance and accentuate the malts, we need a hefty hop bill, with Amarillo, Simcoe and Centennial offering peachy, grapefruit, red berry and zesty orange aromas.

We have a limited amount of 6 packs available. It’s canning Thursday 21st September and we’ll be, as always, prioritising investor orders.

We hope you enjoy it!

Sad they’re implying it’s just a one-off rebrew though. Deserves to be in their core range again or at least seasonally brewed.


Great news! And totally agree that it would be a good addition to their core range rather than a one-off brew.

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