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White Oak 10 L (5 Gallon) Barrel


I have one of these on the way. Aside from the obvious imperial stout, what should I age in it? Also, how to rotate brews for maximum usage.


More details would be helpful. Has the barrel been used before? If not, what is the toast level? If so, what was in it? Regardless, small first time or second time (if a spirit was aged in it) use barrels tend to impart character rather quickly, so you’re going to need to check on your beer pretty often. Their character spends rather quickly as well, so once you’re done with Imperial Stouts and Wee Heavies, aging sour or funky beers in it will give it life after all the oak and/or spirit character has gone.


Is it a 10 liter barrel or a 5 gallon one? You’ll find that 10 liters and 5 gallons are not the same.


The barrel is new and will be delivered in a week. It is a Christmas gift from my wife that she ordered online. I got the size of the barrel from the website and you are correct. Those numbers don’t work out.