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Who's doing what and when in between April 27 and May 2?


I know we already have a “Festival” thread, but that one might be too cluttered if we start discussing details about the upcoming long weekend.

I suppose many international travelers will be in Belgium then, and I am curious about which ratebeerians I can meet when.

My rough plans are:

  • Friday: Bespelingen van het Lot for the whole day
  • Saturday: Zythos
  • Sunday: ??? probably chill
  • Monday: Hunt a Chouke in the morning, then Moeder Fontainas for taps, then Alvinne Sour Extravaganza and Moeder Original for bottles; then I’ll leave rather early because I want to hit Kulminator with @77ships before going to bed
  • Tuesday: I have a 10am ticket for Quintessence, teaming up with @travlr, @anstei, and @derA . Depending on how many ticks there are still left, back to Moeder afterwards.
  • Wednesday: Doing 3F just to hang out until my train leaves.

I’m only going 27-28 and 1-2, have to get home in between to save some money and feed the cats :sunglasses:


I’ll be trading with a french-english canadian citizen at Lambikodromm


Monday: arrive early in Brussels. 11:00 Moeder Fontainas and later Dynamo for Alvinne and Moeder Original for bottles

Tuesday: Quick stop at Mort Subite and La Becasse for Faro ticks :smiley: thne Quintessence at 12:30 slot, later back to Moeder

Wednesday: 3Fonteinen in the morning

I will be part of group of 6 Germans. 4 of us are also heading to Grote Dorst on Sunday already.

See you in Brussels!