Who's the most boss birthday crasher?

How many anniversary beers have you had? Best way I can tell how to do this is just to search your own ratings for anniversary. I’ll just do anniver because I’m currently drinking a beer whose name is annersa-rye, didn’t want to miss that one

Nevermind, looks like searching your own ratings caps out at 50, at least on cellphone. So… 50 takes me to Heavy Seas. Anyone else know if there’s a way to do this?

That assumes they have anniversary in the name… Though that would capture a lot of them.

Use the tag page. You’ll see yourself under the top 5 raters on the right: https://www.ratebeer.com/tag/anniversary/
Tags are of course open to a lot of misuse (either intentionally or false-positives) but this should give a good idea.

I’ve apparently had 36.


Just mass tagged everything with “anniversary” in the name that hadn’t already been tagged. There’s plenty that have “birthday” in the name instead but you get too many false positives mass tagging these so I left those alone aside from a handful I knew of. Feel free to tag ones you know if you care.

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Sweet! Looks like I have 162. Matt is my highest, didn’t know it was an anniversary beer.

Rated 57 and RR Deviation was the highest on the list.

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Just the 49 for me according to the link provided by @lazypyro.

19 when searching ‘anniversary’ on my page.

Highest beer on the list is https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/the-bruery-poterie/172506/


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