Why has the Black IPA version of Evil Twin Russian Roulette been deleted?


That was exactly the gag about this beer: Same label for the IPA and the Black IPA version. But two different beers. You could see what you got only after opening the bottle.

Please restore the Black IPA version.

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What was the full name of the beer?
It seems to already have one beer under this name in the DB

I was sorting out Evil Twin the other day, and changed the black IPA to be an Omnipollo beer. Somebody else has (it appears) merged those two beers accidentally. Luckily nobody has run the duplicate rating module yet, so no ratings should be lost. I will try and sort this out now.

I just created an entry for the Black IPA (from r8.beer)

You’re okay moving the good ratings there?

edit, you already created it! I’ll let you continue then!

I have already started moving them to one I made, so feel free to delete yours. :grinning:

Also, there are like two hundred to double check so I’ll post a message here if I don’t finish before I need to do something else.

I tought it was impossible to delete a beer with many ratings…

You can use this url to check the original ratings (might not be day-to-day up to date though)

Ok you said the 2 beers weren’t in the same brewer before…this would have been weird that 2 beers with the exact same name and with that many ratings would have passed through admins for so long hehe

It must have been merged, by the hundred or so duplicate ratings. I assume there is some level of admin power where that is possible?

This should now be mostly fixed. There’s still a few duplicate ratings that I’ll try and fix tomorrow.

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Probably an unpopular opinion, but if the labels are exactly the same then they should only get 1 entry. We can’t keep track of this silly shit.

That being said, I did not delete the original entry, but we should consider the above.

Do we rate beers or labels?

And we kept track in this case. No problem. Can’t see the reason why this should be deleted after eight years (my rating was from May 2012).

Thanks for restoring btw.

I’m on your side (at least in parts) concerning e.g. different BA versions of Hoppin’ Frog, same label, only differently coloured caps allowing to discriminate. Same with Fifty-Fifty Brewing and different wax colours.

But not in this case. Explanation was given on the label, so you could know what you had. And if “Russian Roulette” is funny or silly is a matter of taste.

Anyway, the matter was corrected, we added the Beer style at the end of the name to make the difference.