Why is header moving if I scroll down?

I’m talking about this part:

Is this intentional or bug?
Annoying that’s what it is.

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in not seeing that behaviour

mobile or desktop?

Chrome Version 62.0.3202.94- desktop

hmm not seeing it on mine
Version 62.0.3202.94 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Oh wait , maybe im missunderstanding.
You want the Header TO stay at top. So not move on screen?

I was reading it as moving on page. Where as its static on page

Also, when it’s a long thread, it takes you to the end (i.e. the most recent post) when you enter on it. Then you have to scroll back up to the top, loading a few more posts at a time, to see the menu bar with the links to other parts of the site. I know there are other ways to navigate away from where you are but it’s a bit irritating the way it is. Why isn’t the header fixed and visible wherever you are in the thread?

Also Chrome + PC desktop.


use the little side scroller to move to top fast. But agree. going to end isnt always where you want to start. esp if youve not read any before

You can also click the thread title, to be brought back to the original post

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But what if I want to open something in the menu in another tab?

  1. Click on topic, page moves up, click to open wanted tab, scroll down to last topic?
  2. Click on menu bar link what I want to open in another tab?

Yes, I know how to use the scroll bar but it only loads 20 posts at a time. It’s not the end of the world, just a minor irritation.

You want access to the ratebeer tabs? I agree that they should be on freezepane, the same way the thread title is currently. The main problem I see is the fact that the top right menu options only give you forum specific menu options and not access to the whole site, but that has been flagged several times to Joe already, hope a resolution is coming soon.

I was mostly trying to help Chriso navigate within a thread, which is pretty easy once you get the hang of it.


Not ideal
but open Topic again in new tab. then link to where you want to go
No scrolling needed, and your still at what ever you were reading

I know other have mentioned (in other topics)having it fixed. but no idea how easy to do

Yes, I know that. The question is why should I need to do so? And why would anyone want it to be that way? I haven’t noticed that other sites that I use regularly have the same design - the easy one-click links to other parts of the site remain in view at the top of the page no matter how far down I’ve scrolled.


Maybe it’s because I’m used to reddit, but this seems pretty similar.

If selection of links gets wider the level of annoyness will increase. :slight_smile:

Yeah, when I happen to be on a forum page I’ve found myself searching the forum when I really want to search for a beer on a couple of occasions.

At the moment the forums have the feel of being a completely separate application, linked to from the main RateBeer website. Which I guess they are.


totally agree, that they are and feel like 2 sites. But im hoping that will change with time

Yep, they are. At the very least we need the search bar back. Like yourself there’s been plenty of times I’ve got the forums open while drinking a beer I need to rate so I start typing in the search only to realise I’m still on the forums and need to go back the main site first.

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Yeah, when I read a book I tend to start at the beginning, not start at the end and work backwards. As far as the forum goes, if you’ve read and are following a discussion, you’ll want to see the new stuff when you go back to it. I’d have thought this system with all its bells & whistles would be able to handle both approaches. Perhaps it does and I haven’t explored it enough.

As far as the scrolling goes, it seems to be the current thinking amongst web designers and such that the “load a bit, scroll a bit, load a bit more, scroll a bit more, rinse and repeat until end” approach is actually a desirable thing from a user perspective. It isn’t. Not usually for me at least. Just take a look at Untappd for a graphic demonstration of how unusable that can become pretty quickly. Even websites designed for viewing on a PC often seem to be designed as one long scroll fest these days, with what look like links to other parts of the site actually just being fast-forwards to a point further down the page. Rant over.

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If I understand you correctly then yes I think it already does this?

The first time you enter a topic it should always start you off at the top, regardless of how many posts are in it. If you later come back to it, it will take you straight to any new replies you’ve not yet read. You’ve probably noticed the little blue icon next to some thread titles, showing how many replies there’s been since you were last in the thread.

Infinite Scroll. It’s a current trend yeah. There’s use cases where it works great and others… not so great. Your example of Untappd is a good one actually as many of us will be familiar with it. That’s a case where it works well initially but only to a certain point - fairly quickly it then seriously starts to slow down your browser due to all the images it’s loading in - problems are then compounded if you navigate away and come back, it doesn’t save your place so you have to scroll all the way back down again. It’s annoying.

At least in these forums your place is saved so you can go back and forth (relatively) trouble free. But I do agree the constant scrolling in general does get cumbersome especially in the larger threads. Optional pagination would be a nice setting to have available instead of infinite scroll.

Agreed. Very annoying.

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