Why RB so low on search engines?

It seems like google and other search engines are just not showing RB (or much lower result) when searching a beer. I get BA and UT along with Wiki and stuff but RB is not even next.

What gives?

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Because the API hasn’t been updated in forever… and there hasn’t been any $ spent by ABI in years to improve the site. Joe can apparently get small funding projects approved, though it’s hard to see any evidence of any such improvements. I wish he would post on the forum to update the community in a transparent way.


Would that affect google search results? I mean isn’t it all about traffic and keywords?

If the search results are about traffic then I think you have your answer. How many active users do you think use this site?

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Relatively speaking to the history of ratings in RB, still many rates. But definitely the forums are rather quiet.

Don’t we have a thread about ratings? We aren’t doing bad.

Looks like we are at the level of 2011, which for me was around the peak of my participation on the site

But definitely that trend is very poor to the peak of traffic here. But I can’t tell what came first, the chicken or the egg. Are search engine results a consequence of less activity or are new people not stumbling onto us bc we are invisible on search engines.

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The log in problem must be killing the # of users, especially any new users.



New beer entries weren’t findable on Google even when ZX was still active around the site. I’ve warned about it personally several times, so did others, but I guess the site being findable online wasn’t as important for those wonderful visionaries as trying to fuck up rating options and making events in Australia.

Yeah but look at the online beer word today compared to 2011. Staying even means the market exploded around us and RateBeer captured none of it.

Numbers that come to my mind - 2011 there were 2 billion internet users, 2k USA breweries, 2024 5.5 billion internet users, 9.5k USA breweries. So RB being at 2011 numbers doesn’t sound very good.

Even if they do stumble upon RB, not sure how relevant or useful site is anymore. And the concept of reviews is probably not very appealing to younger folks.

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So, who owns Ratebeer today? Is it ZX? Is ZX still part of ABI?

I think I read some comments about this in another thread but can’ t find it.
Can’t seem to find anything about it online.