World's Most Decorated Brewery?

Last night I had a bottle of beer from Ireland and Rye River claim to be “The World’s Most Decorated Brewery”.

Anyone know how this could be checked?

Anyone else had a beer that claims to come from The World’s Most Decorated Brewery?


Maybe they mean there are a lot of decorations at the physically brewery? You know, every month they re-decorate.

Otherwise, sounds like BS.

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Have you not worked out how to use Google yet Mr Haddock?

Type in “world’s most decorated brewery” and the first thing you get is this glorified press release:

Irish craft beer brewery, Rye River Brewing Company, has been crowned the world’s most decorated independent craft brewery at the World Beer Awards 2019. Rye River Brewing Company has achieved critical acclaim on the world stage, winning an unprecedented 21 World Beer Awards in 2019, officially making it the “World’s most decorated independent craft brewery”


Overall, Rye River Brewing secured 1 World’s Best in Class winner, 12 Country Style Winners, 4 Gold Medal Winners, 3 Silver Medal Winners and 1 Bronze Medal Winner with 21 of the 30 beers Rye River produce taking home awards. This unprecedented achievement builds on the 19 World Beer Awards won by the brewery in 2018, making 2019 the company’s most successful year to date.


I actually saw this brewery’s beers a few years ago. Didn’t venture to try any of them though.


He hasn’t worked out how to rate a cider anything but a 3.0 never mind Google!


I like the simple life with Cider and Google just figments of other peoples imagination.