Wört Brewpub - Stockholm

Det er lagt til en brewpub i Stockholm - Wört

Noen som kjenner til dette?
Finner ingen øl med de navnene

Ett bryggeri med et annat namn finns på adressen - Munkbron… Och Munkbron verkar vara det nya (och gamla?!) namnet av Vört Gastrobryggeriet. :slight_smile:

So, basically, Monks at Lilla Nygatan 2 disappeared in 2017 and Munkbron showed up in its stead. During COVID-times, it closed, they decided they had to change the concept, got a restaurateur involved and the landlord entered the ownership structure, so it reopened as Vört Gastrobryggeri. In March, they changed the name back to Munkbron.

What that actually means, and if Vört should’ve been a separate entry from Munkbron or not to begin with (given that the same person was involved in both), I do not know, but @omhper will know best I reckon. And/or @gyllenbock it seems.

Wört was just a typo, deleted it.

The order is correct, although there is more to the story, as Munkbron started as Oscha, in the same location as Monks. Following an infected legal battle Monks lost, and Munkbron appeared . As stated by Marko Vört were a concept with partially different management, and possibly co-ownership, hence I took the decision to split out. Now Munkbron has re-surfaced with the same concept as initially.

Hence Monks Porerhouse, Oscha and Vört are retired. Munkbron unretired.