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Zero as ibu value

could 0 / zero be accepted as an ibu value, as opposed to treated like a missing input, since there IPAs with 0 IBUs these days?

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Definitely agree this is needed with the rush of low/no abv beers - we need to be able to display 0% abv to distinguish them from beers where people simply don’t know the abv.

Any chance of this being changed @services?

I recommend you guys use 1 for right now, unless somebody else has a better idea. We have not been receiving responses from services recently.

By setting the ABV to 0.01% it displays it as 0.0% (at least on mobile) :slight_smile:

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thanks will try that next time!

You can also add the tag “zero ibu” to any beers like this.

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thanks, another nice workaround :slight_smile:

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