ADD & EDIT PAGES (BEER / BREWER / PLACE) Feedback / bug updates

Hi @fiulijn and @Viper666.Qc, thanks for you feedback. We’ve released a new version of the edit beer page with most of your suggested changes.

Thanks again for testing the new version and providing feedback

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*time stamps when it was added and last edited and by whom not shown - important
*having to scroll to get to save changes - even on a big screen - didn’t we talk already about this being stupid? I see Alex’ point, just put the button on the top AND on the bottom
*again more hiding of features with the barcodes being separated - have we not shouted enough at you that extra windows / clicks are a NO?

*I disagree with Alex on the hidden comments - they are there so that whoever’s editing the beer is made aware immediately if some previous editor had something important to note about the beer. They should stay.


Really? What suggested changes did you implement?

Not changed…

Not changed…

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Not changed…
When the screen is wider, the Brewery name field and Beer name field are still reduced/truncated on the same line (so we can’t see half the of it when their names are longer) instead of taking one full line for each field.
Same thing with the Style field, if the page is wider, Style / ABV / IBU all come in a single line and the Style name is reduced/truncated so we can’t see all the style name when it is longer)

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The Last Edited by is bugged.
If the beer was edited, we can’t see the user who last edited the beer and if we click on the word ON (listed instead of the username), we get to the broken URL.

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onAug 3, 2018, 18:06

Same thing, if the beer wasn’t edited since it has been created, there is still a Last Edited By mention with a bugged link when clicking ON

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@services @aww Apart from the gripes above, 2 important things.

The contract brewer option is broken. If you remove a contract brewery you CANNOT SAVE CHANGES. At least on the latest Google Chrome. This should be a priority fix .

Less important:
The Copy brewer to Contract Brewer option was indeed very useful. Unsure why it was removed.


These do seem to be appearing on our end. Can you help us take a screenshot so we can see what’s going on.

Our design decision was then to de-bulk the Edit Beer page and focus it more around editing the beer details instead.

As a user it is important to understand what your intent was before coming to the Edit Beer page. That is a big reason why we introduced the admin panel; to surface a quicker way to update barcodes, change pictures, retire beers etc instead of having to dive into a beer page where you’ll need to scroll down to make the changes.

We have further plans to present these ‘additional actions’ in a modal instead of a new tab/page to improve the experience.

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The Edit panel was a one-stop shop. Say I go there with a beer in my hands - I have it as a whole, its name, its brewery, its abv, maybe IBU, its description AND its barcode. I’m writing down what’s on the bottle. I don’t want to have to do extra steps and tabs for info that’s all there.

Decluttering brought us the unusable bullshit of a “admin widget” or whatever it was/is called that we were told was better but was hell. It’s all nice in theory until it fucks with the flow and usability in practice.

Honestly, while it was a good idea, I’m also finding the new design of the admin panel a bit problematic in practice. It doesn’t catch the eye and it’s far from the center of attention, with moves to it being slightly “tedious”. Still far better than the utter failure that preceded it and I’ll try to get used to it more before giving a final verdict.

Edit: Now I see the entered/edited options. Disregard that, my bad there.

Like the admin panel. this is a functionality that we are not making available for the mobile experience at this point in time. Those ‘additional actions’ can be accessed from the overflow menu on the previous page.

Add Beer will adapt this new layout in time.

We’ll have a look at the breakpoints and optimise this one further.

Thanks for the spot, we’ll be looking into this.


Yes, I think we can all agree that it was a promising feature. But there was no way of knowing whether it would improve your experience until you’ve put it through its paces. This is insightful however and it will be interesting to hear whether the other admins are having similar sentiments.

Did you have any thoughts on the modal presentation we are thinking about? It will be a click vs scroll-down comparison (as we are hoping to move away from loading additional actions in new tabs).

I was referring to the previous “you are resisting change if you don’t like it” widget, not what you’ve made btw, just so that things are clear, that was everything but a promising feature.

Just to check, haven’t answered one thing - will we get save changes buttons both on top and the bottom?

The modal would be a part of the Edit Beer page, or?

Okay I’m a little lost now haha! Might need some images to help be get on the same page, sorry! :sweat:

Yes we will do that. We are trying to get the Save Changes to float in a permanent position actually so that it’s always in view (which means you don’t need to scroll up or down to get to it).

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Hahah, don’t sweat it. it’s just PTSD from all the changes for the worse that were inflicted upon the site a couple of years ago. :smiley:

Floating Save Changes is the best option definitely :smiley: . Wondering one unrelated thing - what resolution are you working on? It’s out of sight on 1920x1080 right now.

The modals are far better than the current option, even though I stay by my initial verdict for barcodes (not everybody perhaps will). The way we handle Pictures currently is a hassle by all means.


We’re designing to 1,400px width; but we are making things more responsive now rather than fixed width. Also considering to remove both the header and footer as we don’t see any value in having it on these Admin/Edit pages. That should hopefully put everything into view for your screen.

Hm, interesting idea down there, would have to see how things pan out for it in practice though.

Any ETA on when we’ll be able to remove contract brewers from beers? Getting a bit annoying.
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Also why isn’t the “retire” button on the admin panel retiring beers but opening the Edit Beer page, making us retire it there?
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Exactly, there’s no win in it now.

@aww @services
The admin screen on mobile (iOS 12.4) looks bad, the name of the beer is hardly readable.


This is exactly my problem with the current edit beer page right now.

  1. Update screen HAS to be identical in flow to the create new beer screen. It helps to make it easier to navigate. Why have brewery and beer name on the same line? It makes it a hell to edit both due to the truncation of text. And to previous mentioned point - the admin bar is useless on a phone.

  2. Overlapping drop downs or in general the dynamic on the form does not work on my iphone and neither on ipad. A lot of my admin work is done out and about - I dont start up a laptop to do the work.


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Gawd is this separate window for entering barcodes a pain in the ass in practice…