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Suite du sujet New Brewer Page: A first look

Now on the main site to try:

Known Issues:

Sorting should be by NAME A-Z by default.

If you change the sorting options, we lose access to all other beers past the first 15. CORRECTED

Closed associated places are listed but they MUST BE displayed as CLOSED. I would suggest switching the Place Picture with a universal CLOSED picture to do that.

In the address URL, the city and region names are stuck together, missing space. CORRECTED

In the Top Raters, some flags don’t display under Windows 10.

No way to make all the beer listing appear in one single page (only 5-15-25 at a time). ADMINS NEED THIS BY DEFAULT.

Trying to sort by Status crash the page. What is the purpose of this sorting by status (Unverified, Alias, Retired, Seasonal)? CORRECTED

Missing some FILTER OPTIONS by Status: Hide Not Alias, Hide Not Retired.

Admins can’t see if a beer is verified or not CORRECTED

The Status (RETIRED ie) height in the beer listing is too high, it makes the beer entry higher than the others. CORRECTED

We should have a way to FILTER BEERS BY STYLES (remove the useless sort by Score-Style and replace it with Style filters, ranking Styles Scores between different styles is pointless)

Beer Search only works for the listed visible beers, not the whole beer list. CORRECTED

Missing admin tools for beers ( quick links to verify/edit/add pics for each beers) CORRECTED

Missing Edit Brewer shortcut CORRECTED

Clicking on Sort by name makes it Z-A first instead of A-Z (you have to click twice on Sort of)

No mention anywhere when a brewer is Out of Business. CORRECTED

“Contracted to” and “Brewed By” not listed / not supported. CORRECTED

Aliased beers aren’t displayed in the beer listings. CORRECTED

The brewer description doesn’t support html linebreak < br > like it used too.


Email link redirect to the RB brewer page right now. CORRECTED

Website link redirect to the RB brewer page right now CORRECTED

In More Filters, there should be a CLEAR ALL FILTERS option.CORRECTED

Why link the number of review to the beer name (small number stuck right after the name) instead of using a separate column especially for it. It would look cleaner. CORRECTED

The number of reviews for Associated Places doesn’t display correctly on desktop (displayed on 2 lines when the Place name takes more than 1 line)

The Beer infos (name, style, abv) gets realigned badly to the left when the beer name gets longer (2 full lines or more) (unaligned vs other Beer entries… note: not happening all the time)

Private reviews are displayed in recent reviews (it may be intented)

Add a Filter option to display only “Brewed For” and another for “Contracted to” beers only. Or put them in different tabs.

@aww @services

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I don’t know how you you plan to handle mobile web layout but right now it’s just not working at all.

For mobile web, I’d suggest to use the exact same format the beer entries than the BEER SEARCH RESULTS and hide the extra columns (percentile scores, 5-star scores, user scores, Added) CORRECTED

This way, we would have all the necessary infos about each beer and it would still work with the filters options.

Also, the brewer logo should go left like the Place page to keep it clean for mobile view.

@aww @services

The way ALIASED BEERS in the beer listing right now, there would be no way anymore to edit an Aliased beer (since edit option is not possible from Beer search and it’s not possible to edit from the brewer listing.

ALIASED BEERS should keep all admin tools options.

And Like I said before, the ALIASED BEERS should display:
Their Original Beer Added Date (right now, this is working so don’t change it)
The Original Beer Picture (some alias beers have multiple brandings AT THE SAME TIME)
The redirected Beer complete stats (Overall Score, 5-star Style Score, My score, status)
Just with a mention special mention ** Also known as**

You must reintroduce the aliased beer page too, not just an automatic redirect link to the latest alias. There’s some important infos there (Image, beer original description, date created)


There’s an Error in the Admin Tools for beers: The Edit Beer icon is in fact an Edit Tag Icon right now. CORRECTED

Also the Search for a Beer option doesn’t work to find STYLES, ABV and any other column like the one we have right now. It’s an important feature especially to find some beers based on styles.


Some layout errors on website desktop depending of the screen width.


Nice improvements. We will just need the sorting and filter options for mobile view!
(and please make it A-Z by default)


I see you dropped the Status column and Sorting view. This is probably better this way. (Status FILTERS would be better)

Number of Ratings are now in a separate column but User ratings are now next to the beer name…you should add MY SCORE in the Sorting options. (and you definitely need Rated beers / User scores to be more evident at first sight…entire blue highlighted background would be the best)

TOP RATERS order seem to be messed up now.

Sorting by Name A-Z is not working correctly now.

Also, I would suggest to put display the Styles in a separate column just like the MY RATING page with full Filter options by style available.


Add an ADMIN TOOLBAR (similar to the Beer page one) with the following VERIFY/UNVERIFY, EDIT BREWER, ADD PICTURE, RETIRE/UNRETIRE BREWER, BREWERE ID NUMBER, created by, created date, last edited by.

BUG Number of beers brewed from this brewery is wrong (because it includes Contracted beers and Aliased beers)

BUG when you click on Clone Brewer to Place, it doesn’t do anything (you have to hit reload to see you created the new place… before, we saw the place appear instantly in the section)

BUG For brewers with more than 100 entries (showing Row per page ALL and A-Z by default), when you select a different column for sorting beers, it will only display 100 beers instead of ALL, even if ALL is still selected.

BUG Cloning Brewer to Place doesn’t copy Geolocation coordinates and Brewer Image correctly, meaning every Cloned Places need to be manually corrected afterwards in order to show up on the Map correctly and you have to enter the picture a second time.

BUG The brewer description doesn’t support html linebreak < br > like it used too…this makes the description text all crammed in one block…we need a we to reintroduce the linebreak (best would be to update the ADD/EDIT BREWER page)

BUG Missing the link to COUNTRY for Breweries with regions in the top URL shortcuts
USA? cannot find the url

BUG For some Brewers, the Top Raters are not in the good order. (related to contract brews? alias? retired?)

Missing SORT BY option: DATE RATED

Missing some FILTER OPTIONS by Status: Hide Not Alias, Hide Not Retired.

We should have a way to FILTER BEERS BY STYLES in desktop view. (just like the TOP 50 pages)

ADMIN NOTES should be clearly visible (to admins only) on the Brewer page.

CREATE 3 TABS FOR THE PAGE or A TOGGLE VIEW BUTTON (right next to XX Beers Brewed)
1.BREWER BEER LISTING (DEFAULT - number of items used for user total)
2.CONTRACT BREWED PRODUCTS (don’t count number of items for user total)

RATED products should be displayed in yellow for Full reviews (like right now) and in blue for quick ratings. (we already this in OUR RATINGS page and it works well)

Admin Editing tools in the beer entries should pop up in a new windows instead of loading in the same window. The UPDATE ADD PIC, EDIT BEER buttons load the new page in the same tab…which forces the user to scroll back and reload the entire Brewer page (and filters).

Remove opening hours from the Brewer page… if there’s any, it should be listed in the Associated Place only. This could result having different/erroneous Opening hours between those 2 pages, especially if an admin forget to update both pages. BREWER PAGE IS NOT A PLACE PLACE.

The progressive colour used to highlight rated beers is too pale, making it difficult to work with, especially on wider screens.

Standardize entries height (using 4 lines):
line 1: Product name (fixed column width but the name can go over other columns)
line 2: RETIRED and Brewed By /For (keep the line for uniformity if empty)
line 3: Style and all other columns entries.
line 4: Rated on - should be in red or blue to highlight user rating, different colour to differ full vs quick rating. (keep the line for uniformity if empty or add a RATE THIS PRODUCT shortcut if not rated yet)

Fix the ugly aliased beer listing

  1. They should be the same height as other beer entries (4 lines)
    line 1: Product name (fixed column width but the name can go over other columns)
    line 2: Also known as
    line 3: alias beer name/link
    line 4: Rated on - should be in red or blue to highlight user rating, different colour to differ full vs quick rating. (same as original beer)
  2. The beer picture should be displayed like the others in Thumbnail mode (aliases have their own picture and they are important for the differentiation of the products)
  3. The aliased need the Admin Tools, like all other beers

So I guess this is live now since I can see it and I’m not an admin?

Some feedback:

  • Send a correction link is useless. You might as well make it go to the forums unless you’re going to do it properly like we can submit beer corrections.
  • “You have rated X beers from this brewery” - I’ve checked quite a few breweries and X is a random number for each one, always showing far less than I’ve actually had. Interestingly, the correct number is shown next to my name for breweries where I am a top rater, but it’s still wrong at the top.
  • It would be useful if you added Instagram username as a field next to Twitter username. Pretty much every brewery I follow uses Instagram as their main social media platform, of course many of them export their posts to other platforms but I like to get info straight from the source if possible.
  • I think viper mentioned it in his posts already but the blue heart denoting if you like/follow a brewery only sometimes appears to be blue, most of the time it’s white.
  • filtering by beer name is extremely slow, takes about 10 seconds to return the results
  • default pagination is only 15 beers per page. This is really low I think 50 should be default. It was 200 before so the servers can obviously handle the drop to 50.

I think Viper’s posts address everything else. Fair amount of stuff needs improving.


I’ve stopped giving feedback really but I can see these brewery pages now and will say they completely break the functionality of the page for me.

What I used to be able to do was see my score next to the average score and sort the column (either by my score or site score). This meant for a brewery I’d had 10-30 beers from I could at a glance see whether I rated their beers higher or lower than the site average and because their was a column for style I could see whether that applied for most styles or just for stouts.

That is the point of a table: tucking my score and the style under the beer name renders the information inaccessible. It’s tough to even see if you’ve had a beer.


I miss two old features that seem to be gone from the new brewery page.

  1. See how many total ratings I have from the brewery. Used to be beneath the Top Raters.

  2. Sort by my ratings. I can see my rating beneath the name, but no way to sort by it. It is nice to see the top/bottom rated beers from each brewery without having to export it to do so.


It is now right under the Brewer’s total number of beer brewed, top left of the beer list. But that number seems to be bugged most of the time right now.

One of the most important old feature missing right now, along with the Style sorting too.

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Yea saw it now. Not as easy to see as it was before, but it is there. Haven’t checked if it is right or not.

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It’s not. For e.g Uiltje Brewing I have rated 214 beers, but it says 28 beneath the total number of beers.

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my score among the filter choices is a must, i need to list the beers based on that.
also the beers rated should stand out, now it’s just a tiny yellow strip.

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I think it looks cool. Love the descriptions in there, and ability to exclude retired, beers I’ve had etc.

there doesn’t seem to be a way to add a new beer via the brewery page anymore? I find the info is now far too spread out to be usable, what a terrible update - the page seems completely useless to me


It takes years to load the complete beer list on mobile browser. It should just load the damn page that I have it completely. But it’s"circle" forever.
The search does not work mobile for me (Android, Firefox), it always adds the complete string plus the letter I type. E.g. I’m looking for a beer with “moc” in the name, typing moc gives “mmomoc”. I have to reload the page and start again to load the beer list. Awful. Just awful.


the links that used to be present at top of a brewery page showing country and county are no longer there, these allowed you to quickly link to the county ratings… used use these alot to check country stats - this is a big loss, can it please be put back

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If your page is wide enough, you should see them…if it’s narrower or in Mobile View, you won’t. Design flaws…

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