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I tried to add a place (Zony Mash Beer Project in New Orleans) and noticed that I was not allowed. I have a username/password and can successfully add new beers. Please let me know how to have my privileges changed so I can add places.


They need to sort this out as someone posts about this every couple of weeks.

Currently the solution is to log out and log in again. I’ve found I have to do that twice sometimes.

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I have added the place. Try signing out and sign back in to be able to add new places. Otherwise hopefully somebody will fix this for you soon.


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Thanks! I will try logging out next time.

Thanks! Appreciate the help.

The sellout to AB-Inbev is really paying dividends

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Ha! Pretty sure I’ve heard that before. :wink:

Please, please, please…bring back the clone brewery to new place button! Please!


And also just deal with this logging in shit because it’s really fucking annoying.


The button is still there (at least it shows for me on breweries that have no place associated with them), but it doesn’t seem to actually do anything when I’ve added some new breweries lately.

Good to know. Thanks!

Last time I tried I couldn’t even get the trick of going to the old brewery style page to use the button to work.

I think I heard that admins have it, but the common folks don’t. It’s a pain because I like to beer travel and am adding new breweries and places all the time. It used to be available to all, but it got revoked during the big changeover …

The button is there for admins, but does nothing.

@brokensail and I are both admin, it doesn’t work. If some special admin have it, I am not aware of it. I agree it is annoying/pain.

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Wait wait @shig @brokensail , so the “Clone this brewery to a place” button doesn’t work for you guys?

Works “perfectly” for me on Firefox and I’d venture and say Chrome. Maybe it’s an admin level thing now? By “perfectly” I mean that the coordinates are null when that’s done and need to be manually added, but the place gets created.

Sadly, the underlying reason for why all of this is happening is constant spambot attacks…

That’s because you are the king of the peasant admin.

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I FEEL SO SPECIAL!=!=! :rofl:

This sucks, this should be available to all admins and probably all premie users at least. It was most certainly abused, had to delete my fair share of cloned bullshit, but this is too restrictive if it’s limited to higher level admins.



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