Anyone here?

Requisite once every 6 months post… Anyone still care about rating and / or even using this site in NYC, North / Central NJ, Long Island, or Hudson Valley? It feels so dead I assume more than half the responses will be people who used too live here…

Hey, that’s me!

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Just keep on participating. Keep the faith!

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I used to live near New York in Lincolnshire!



Site is a former shell of itself, sold out, no one cares, nothing up to date, no tasting groups, but for some reason i stick around to watch it die and trust me it will. The NY forum went almost a yr without an update. Let me say that again the New Fucking York Forum went almost a year without an update. Its sad that there’s near 8.5 million people living in this metropolis and no one thinks its worthy of their time yet every bar is packed to the gills with craft drinkers. Its absolutely pathetic, I feel sorry to anyone contributing their time as an admin to this sell out in hopes to hold onto some hope or nostalgia that it can regain its former glory. I ditched my premium probably 5 years ago. Grab some popcorn and watch the death spiral. Rate beer is as dead as punk and arcades. Not one of us lives in the area either, might as well say the whole east coast forum cause there ain’t shit going on anywhere on this site. But a really long time ago this place was ahead of its time, we had monthly hangouts, people updated, and it was dope as fuck. :beers:


Still a few people I suppose, but mostly dead.

I check the forums every few weeks and continue to find absolutely nothing

pretty much what i do as well

Just to inject maybe a touch of life. I am coming to town and will likely be staying wtih JTClockwork if anyone wants to meet up. Nov 13-18.

I live for those moments where you speak your mind.

Maybe if you guys that ‘look in’ every few months actually posted something the forum might get a bit of use?

Just say “Hello, I’m still alive” or something similar, you might be surprised who else is alive out there!


I moved to NYC 7 years ago, and I heard of only one instance of people coming together for tasting. I am still here, and continue rating, but apart from Mansquito I haven’t met any other NY rater in person.

On another note, the strong resistance to any kind of chance mixed with reminiscences of ‘good old days’ continue to amaze me throughout the forums. No offence meant, but life is change. Sometimes it gets better, sometimes it gets worse.

we had a great crew (most actually are not featured here) actually probably spanned a good 4 years, tons of tastings, plus lots of us did trips together


That’s like screaming into an empty cave. Why would I do that?

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Well this post got a lot of responses…

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Well, the photo kind of explains it: different generations. I should be having drinks with your fathers :grin:


Isn’t that what I did?


Honestly, this is kind of it… A lot of the original crew that would get together all got older and had kids…

I’m not in the NYC metro anymore, but even if I was, I probably wouldn’t be interested in doing tastings like we used to do. Maybe the occasional get together on a smaller scale, but probably not 12 dudes in a room getting shitfaced.

A lot of people got old and moved on and there weren’t enough people to replace them. Same thing happened in San Diego, where I currently am.

Basically if you’re not in London or Denmark the whole “community” aspect of this website is dead.


Things do change - communities tend to be small - clearly the beer world has gotten bigger. The community aspect of 10 years ago may have diminished greatly, but there is a broader, looser groupishness. (Not gropeishness - leaving that to the MOTUS).