Anyone here?

Thanks @mansquito I had some of these places pinned on my map… some others I didn’t know they existed

I will make another thread about my trip at some point in order not to spam this one

Will try to update the info then

Screams into the void


The young child certainly makes gatherings tricky these days, but I try my best to make time when I’m able. See y’all again in here when I remember to check this thread in about a week.

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:rofl::rofl:. I had to watch you guys like 10 years ago, running to tastings, festivals, releases etc, etc. buncha Young fucks with nothing tying y’all down, big ratings numbers, rare beers and good times. I’d say to myself, their times uh coming. Family will be stopping all the good times for these young fucks.
And it ain’t just you fekkin newyawkers and joizey boys it’s site wide. Sucks to get old bros! It’ll be aight. :+1:t2::beer::v:t2: :rofl::rofl:


Great pic! Hung out with Eric, Mike and Paul at KSBF years ago. Good dudes, good times!

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Would love to connect for some beers - hopefully can make it work sometime soon.

Hey Hey. I’m still in Brooklyn ever other month or so to visit family. I see some of the old crew doing tastings on UT. I make comments :slight_smile:

I generally quit this site and have taken my useless posting to (in case anyone wants to join me there).

If any of the old crew has a tasting, feel free to text me. Though, obviously the right mix of timing and availability are super tough.

I still love beer tastings and would love to do it more often. I still get together with the DC RB tasting group. We started a google group (old school) to better communicate (though, it is still tough). I keep trying to get @sloth to come out…

Looks like I missed some fun tastings and never had the luxury of rideshare.

A @beastiefan2k appearance on RB! What you only hang around the NY forum when you come online??

There are still pockets of ratebeerians about, but we are pretty small and timid.


So, who is still around?

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@explosivedog @trapped @ben4321 and some other people appear to still be active. Also some Ukrainian guy in South Brooklyn is still plugging away. Jtclockwork is still rating but with less abandon.

Anyone ever get together. Probably not with the pandemic. Anyone want to? Like, maybe after Thanksgiving?

Also, I’m a Ukrainian from S. Brooklyn. Was that a joke about me. Also, don’t trust Ukrainians from S Brooklyn. They are all the same.

I’ve had better Borscht & dumpling soup in Queens…

Incidentally no. I knew you were from the former Soviet Union but not Ukraine specifically. The guy I meant was Sinfull. I also happen to be Ukrainian but am definitely not from South Brooklyn. Last time that I know of where there was a meet up was at my house 2 years ago with puzzl, maxdaddy, j and some others.

Borscht and dumplings in one? That is weird.

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Ukrainian Christmas borscht with ushka perhaps…

Hey all -

I’m still rating on here and checking the forums occasionally, haven’t been into the city since my last commute March 2020 though.

Last time I got together with the other Rberians was at Paul’s in Jersey City, I would guess that was at least 8 years ago?

In NJ I have to add basically every new beer myself, unless @gripweed57 has already added it, so I think we might be the only 2 left rating in this state other than @jtclockwork’s occasional rate.

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Yes, I’m alive and if it so happens, maybe I can manage to be in the mix for once. Though as I said before I don’t know if you guys would like someone at your dad’s age to join you. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: