New York City from 10/11 to 10/16

Hi all,

I will be in New York City (stay in Hunters Point area) from Friday, Oct 11th, to Wednesday, Oct 16th.

It will be my first time in the area so my plan is to do some sightseeing in the mornings and then beer/place ticking in the afternoons.

The list of places I wanna hit is big but I do not have a specific plan in mind (dates/times that I will hit specific places). To get an idea… the yellow stars in the following image are the beer places I would like to visit (too many for 5 days so most probably I wont make it to all of them):

If someone would like to share some beers feel free to send me a message or post here or find me in fb (

I will be in Detroit for a business trip prior coming to NY and I wont be able to carry beers with me from Greece (or at least not many :stuck_out_tongue: )


It looks like you have Sixpoint on there. Just so you know they do not have a taproom and are only very rarely open.

I would be theoretically available to drink a beer or two on October 13. If you would have any fun Greek beers, I would be happy to part with some stuff in my fridge.

Nice… one less place to fit in the plan :joy:

I will bring a couple of beers then :slight_smile:

Also, if you visit Grimm, you should also add Interboro and The Well to your list.

I can join you on 12 Oct, as well as at least one evening, although not for long in the week time. I’ll also forward you some beer trails I had proposed to Camons when he visited NY in 2018.

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Thanks! added both in my list.

Puzzl and I will be at Grimm on 10/12 in the mid-to-late afternoon. Granted we’ll be with a large group of non-RB people, but should you find yourself in the area, let me know.

FYI, Grimm does new beer releases on Saturdays, but they’re not too crazy. Other Half does as well, and they are pretty crazy (last I heard anyway).