APP Global Feedback & Bugs Updates

For version: 2.6.9


You should includes the (BREWER NAME + BEER NAME) for the BEER RESULTS.

No option see more than 100 results (we need a NEXT / PREVIOUS PAGE for results)


No option see more than 100 results (we need a NEXT / PREVIOUS PAGE for results)

The Sorting options just don’t make sense: Mean Score and Global Score doesn’t exist for brewers…and unless it counts every ratings from the Brewer’s beer lineup, Number of Reviews doesn’t make sense either…


You should include the (PLACE NAME + CITY + REGION + COUNTRY) for the PLACE RESULTS.

No option see more than 100 results (we need a NEXT / PREVIOUS PAGE for results)


Move the REGION/COUNTRY FLAG under the Brewer name.

Move the STYLE / ABV / IBU under the beer name, before the Scores (like the current Beer Search Results). This makes it look better and the beer picture automatically rendered bigger, which is a good thing

The SPOTTED THIS this button isn’t there anymore. So impossible to add Distribution infos unless we rate a beer.

The beer style should be in bold fonts to make it more evident.

Need to be able to expand Attribute scores on user ratings.

Missing those Reviews Sorting options:


When you click on SHOW MORE beers, it should load the entered list, right now when we scroll down,it loads 10 beers at a time and then it look like we reach the end of the list because the loading time between each batch is too long.

URGENT Missing ALL Sorting / Filters options like the web version. (right now, the only way is A-Z)

Missing a Search option within the Brewer listing like in the desktop version.


Need to be able to expand Attribute scores on user place ratings.

Missing those Reviews Sorting options:

Missing RATEBEER MAP button


For Products, Reduce the range for best to promote local products. 10-20km should be the MAX range. (for example, I’m near Montreal, Canada and the Best Beers Nearby are all found in USA locations, more than 100km away…)

Nearby Products listed don’t show on which location they are available (and when they were spotted)

For Products, Nearby choices should have the option to be NEW, BEST RATED or TRENDING (beers with the most recent reviews in the last month for example)

For Nearby Places we MUST have the same filters than those available in the Place Maps (Filter by types of places, best ratings, etc…)


Adding/Modifying a Review using Attribute Scores isn’t very clear now. The Attribute button to do so looks more like a Option / Properties shortcut than a button to show Attribute Scores (rename the button ATTRIBUTE SCORE) . Also, it should be MOVED UNDER the Quick Rating Bar instead of behind in the far top right corner

The Offline Rating Option should be available from there too, not only from the PROFILE page

When attributing expert scores, we can’t see the total of points (final score) we are attributing the Beer from that page, we should be able to see it without having to save it first.


ADD a LIGHT ACTIVATION button on the screen, sometimes it’s just impossible to scan because of the bad lightning.

When you scan a beer that is an alias with the barcode already entered in its profile, you don’t see it in the results anyway…

When you scan a beer and you want to add it to a beer that is an alias, you cannot add the barcode to the alias beer because you can’t reach that beer page and instead you are automatically redirected to the aliased beer.


When trying to edit you personal profile, changing the USERNAME, BIRTHDAY and EMAIL doesn’t trigger the Save option on top. (you have to edit another field like you Favorite Style in order for it to appear and save the change)

PUBLIC RATING / PRIVATE RATING / SPOTTED BEER: Each Rating takes too much space. They should only list Score and Rated Date (on a single line) and Distribution on a second line. User review should be available using a SHOW MORE / CLICK THE REVIEW.

The DARK MODE option should be listed in PROPERTIES instead of being stuck with the credentials.

FAVORITES: we need Sorting options and a Search mechanic (A-Z, Date Added Newest to oldest)


Missing all the others filters from the web version as well as the side list, pop up menu with Place infos.

The menu when clicking on a place should include more infos (like the web version)

We also don’t have the option to get to that map from the Place page.


[quote=“Viper666, post:1, topic:14004”]

Sorting need to be A-Z by default (MOST IMPORTANT THING)


We finally have default A-Z listing by default in the brewer page…took over a year but finally…

We can add beer from brewer page too now and redirect place to googlemaps too…

Updated the list following those changes: APP Global Feedback & Bugs Updates

@aww @services

Is it fixed?

I just realized I got both a Rated Beer + Quick Rated of the same Aliased Beer in my beer rating list.

For version 2.4.2 (released 2020-05-23)

The new EDIT USER PROFILE doesn’t work since it doesn’t save any change.

The CHECK-IN button should be after the Associated Brewers, not totally at the end after the Spotted beers.

Spotted beers in Place Page don’t have any date… So we don’t know if the Spotting is recent or if it’s almost 1 year old.

MY YEAR IN BEER is still not loading anything.

You should add the Brewer name to the Beer Search result in the website as well (just like the app). If you could also make so that the search includes result with the Brewer name + beer name when the words are both listed, it would be awesome.

In the Beer search result page, the Add Beer button keep disappearing when there’s lot of results because the results keep the page expanding when scrolling down.

In French CHECK-IN is called ENREGISTREMENT which mean absolutely nothing since in french we use only that term for an hotel check-in/admission…it could be called something like PRÉSENTEMENT ICI or NOTIFICATION DE PRÉSENCE to tell people you are here right now

You can add this to the previous list of bugs and needed enhancements.

@aww @services

For version 2.5.2

When scrolling in the Brewer’s listing, it has a bad loading time suggesting we reached the end of listing, even if we try to scoll down. It takes 5-6 seconds for the rest (another section) to load…

FIXED CHECK IN in french correctly named now PRÉSENTEMENT ICI.

FIXED Sort By option MATCH should be renamed DISTANCE

FIXED The Beer Image should be expandable like before.

FIXED There’s no mention anywhere when a Beer is Contract brewed.


Think its sorted by highest score, but in my opinion it should be sorted by date (new to old) These days with new beers in stock almost daily, highest score seems irrelevant.


Next release will have it sorted by date, and the date will also be shown.

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@Viper666.Qc In regards to the user profile saving, there is now a save icon that should appear in the top right when it believes you have updated any information. You’ll need to click on that to update the data.

Also some of the french translations should have been updated. Friends is a bit harder as we’d need to come up with a better way of saying that without the gendering.

I tried to modify my Birth Date, favorite Beer Style and My postal code in MY PROFILE and I don’t get any Save Icon…

I just realized that in the app vs website the FOLLOWING / FRIENDS thing doesn’t even mean the same thing.

On the Website, FOLLOWING is for the brewers followed by the user and FRIENDS is for the the other users followed by the user…

On the APP, on a user profile page, the first (called “Abonnements” right now in french) is for the number of FRIENDS (people followed by the user) and the second (called “Suiveurs” in french right now) is the number of people following that user…

Why is this different between the 2 platforms.

When I suggested ABONNEMENTS, it was for Brewers in mind, not users…

For FOLLOWED BREWERIES in french it would be


For FOLLOWED BY (other users)
in french it should be SUIVI PAR X

This would at least clarify the difference between People vs Breweries followed.

And to use the term FRIEND in this whole thing seems stupid since as a user, you can follow other users, but this doesn’t mean they are following you…

The not being able to filter beer ratings for what my friends have had is one of the reasons I still use web based RateBeer when out purchasing. It’s to hard to find if they have had a beer with more than 10 ratings unless there is something I’m missing.


Thanks @Viper666.Qc we’ll look into it further.

FIXED in 2.6.5

Adding Distribution within a rating should NOT trigger to be listed twice (as a rating and as a spotting), we should only see beer spottings as a separate entry when they are added using the SPOTTED THIS option (which is missing right now)

The CHECK-IN button should be after the Associated Brewers, not totally at the end after the Spotted beers.

BUG when zooming out on Map, the Beers Places seem to disappear more and more, instead of maxing out (at 100 for example)

BUG when moving the map, the highlighted place name, “jumps” to another Place and we then get the wrong name for the new highlighted place until we click on it again.

BUG when moving the map, the map often suddenly center back to the last highlighted place.

Spotted beers in Place Page don’t have any date… So we don’t know if the Spotting is recent or if it’s almost 1 year old.


BUG when moving the map, all the Place markers reload each time. This result always in bad loading time and losing the Clickable Box Info about a the place you just clicked on when it centers on it so you have to click on the Place again to view it.

When you click a a Facebook or Twitter link, it opens the Web-based version instead of loading their App (like googlemaps do correctly for instance)

Just to be sure, if someone was to modify their email address (normally unavailable on the website) from the App, I hope this won’t mess the Facebook connection (creating the twin profile problem) or the forum connection as well.

So when you login via Facebook it’ll try and link the accounts originally via email, once that’s successful, changing the email via the App shouldn’t affect that as they’re already linked internally and not by the email anymore.

This also reflects the email change against the authentication service. But its good to note and keep an eye on.

Services @ RateBeer

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Also spotted beers on the place page should be showing the date. At least I can see that on a few places here.

New Problems in 2.6.6

All the same than 2.5.5 (as I’m aware of)

The App crash after searching for a new beer after using a Barcode scanner. And the App crash afterwards when you try to search for a beer because it saves the barcode and want to implement it to the beer you’re searching for.



Thanks, looked into it, and the next release should fix it. At least it doesn’t crash anymore on the search after a barcode scan, or anytime after that.

Services @ RateBeer

Looks like this has been fixed now on 2.6.8.
Any other fixes/additions worth knowing for this version?
(if you could post there each time there’s a new version with a description of fixes and enhancements, it could help)