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In October 2006 I dressed up as Steve Irwin for Halloween. Short cut-off khakis, work boots, and a fake sting ray barb glued to my chest with fake blood running off it. That next spring I was on holiday and swimming in the Gulf of Mexico and got stung by a stingray. Was this karmic retribution, or merely an unlikely coincidence?




Will pic additions/updates be made simpler and quicker? Please? Same with updating/adding a beers info and description.


Are we going to be able to export our beer and place ratings free of charge?


Blipp killed Steve Irwin, Bindi will seek retribution


How do you respond to those that think ABI owning a beer rating site is a conflict of interest? A lot of people think it’s a bit like McDonalds or Burger King owning Yelp or some other restaurant rating website. How is this different? How can you assure your users that ABI won’t influence ratings? How will you guard against ABI employees entering ratings for their own products to bump up the scores?


I have a question: “Many users ask for the ability to export their ratings without a cost. GDPR can be interpreted as saying that this is a legal right for users. Major websites appear to agree with this. Will RB allow the option for users from EU to export their ratings without a cost? If not is RB hereby saying that they interpret GDPR differently and/or that they are willingly committing a crime again EU law?”


Lots of questions, no answers. Business as usual, I reckon.


@Bitterbill The team will be live on Facebook during that time to answer questions - we’re collecting questions here in case some users don’t have accounts, they can still access the Facebook post to see the answers. And hosting it on Facebook means users who don’t frequent the forum will have visibility into the conversation.


Sorry but diverting members of RB to Facebook seems to be, to me at least, counter productive. Shrugs.


Can / will you fix the places map ?

Any plans to enchant the rating of places ?
Easily the most important part of the site to me, and we need more people rating places.


Or enhance? Although I’m well up for my ratings being entered by magic, it’d save me a lot of time! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Any chance of having extra colours on the country/ regions maps for 200/500/1000 ratings? I currently lose interest in regions where I already have 100 ratings and therefore nothing further to colour in!


It’s the Map thing for me too. Really need that sorting someway. As I have said on more than one occasion “I will renew my Premium” once it’s up and running again.



Why does a paid Premium Account service still exist given that the site is now backed by a mega corporation?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to give premium to people who have rated a certain number of beers/been on the site for however many years?


I’m actually scared of major changes in that department seeing what they wanted to do with beer rating. Hopefully, they’ll actually bother with asking people who use and rate them this time instead of clueless randoms.

The better question - when will they fix the map background issue there, which is annoying as fuck, crippling one of the most important aspects of Places and been there for way too long.


Do we have to wait until Thursday to get anything fixed on Ratebeer? We cannot currently rate beers on Ratebeer and no-one is sure if this is part of the big switch off.


Honestly, I would love if every country was eventually broken down into regions :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: But just to start, can you please break down every country with more than 5.000 unique raters into regions? Thanks guys :star_struck:


The option to be able to follow other Locals would be nice to see again. I miss that.


Kind of seems like this isnt the place for minor changes but more about the overall picture.