Ask The RateBeer Team!

Have questions about RateBeer, the team, our direction, the investment, what Joe’s doing, how RateBeer Best changed, the mobile app, or anything else? The Australia team is waking up bright and early (powered by coffee :smile: ) and joining me for a live Question & Answer on Thursday, 14 February from 3 - 4 pm Eastern/8 - 9 pm London.

You can post your questions here and we’ll address the best live.




New styles when?


Haha, the Australian team probably are not even aware of this :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ll be there

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  1. Ditto on the new styles…when?

  2. Also, when can I expect the cellar/my wish list feature to return to the point where I can add beers again. Whether it’s desktop only, mobile only, or both, it has been a huge benefit in the past. Especially when out purchasing and when looking into starting a trade with someone.

  3. I’ll still be at work during the live Q&A so can it be recorded to watch later that day?


P.S. Let me know when you need my address for the raffle for free tickets to RB Best next year. :slight_smile:


Plenty of questions from “that other” RateBeer team in the backstage. :slight_smile: Good to see the new RateBeer team too. :slight_smile:


I’d like everyone’s predictions for The Ashes this summer. After their dominant performance down under last winter, are the visitors the favorites to retain?


Ok in addition to begging for info on when style changes will be coming, here’s a couple I’d like answers to.

For any devs:

  1. Can we start seeing a little more understanding and responsiveness towards bugs posted in the forums here, especially ones relating to the website?
    I still have two posts there that have received no acknowledgement from joet or services, despite tagging them in the original post and a bumping them 2 months after. Next week will mark 3 months with no response. It’s nothing major but it would at least be nice to know it’s been received and will be put on the to-do list to fix.
    Of course there’s plenty of more pressing issues there still waiting for fixes/responses, but this would go some way to ease the feeling of “RB doesn’t care about its users any more”.

For whoever is now “in charge” of RB’s direction and future:

  1. I appreciate you guys won’t want to reveal all your plans but is there any chance that we could get at a least vague roadmap of where you envisage RB going? I’m thinking of say, a quarterly update on the forums in which you talk about what you’ve done in the previous quarter, and what you’ll be doing in the next, and perhaps a couple of bullet points on longer term plans.

I ask that because at least here on the forums there’s an unshakeable feeling of uncertainty about the future of the site, and I think it would do wonders having a little transparency, as well as quelling any issues and having a forum in the literal sense of the word, for discussion, perhaps a staff member could stick around for a mini Q&A when one of these is posted.

For joe:

  1. So you’ve said you’ll keep your role as “global community manager”, who will " [help] guide the site into [an] even better future". What exactly are your day-to-day duties now? Am I correct in assuming you no longer do any coding/development?
  2. How are you doing? Do you read much of the backlash/hate that you/RB receives from people on the internet since the ABI investment and if so what’s your honest reaction to it?

Any plans to divide Australia (or any other further countries) into regions?


As a peace offering what are chances you send a 6 pack of Victoria Bitter to every active member?


“VB is the best fucken beer ever brewed. fuck all you american cunts who say otherwise,”


This. Although think Belgium would be a bigger hit, as requested many times before. Personally I’d like Wales, Scotland and both Irelands split though!

I’m not on Farcebook and don’t want to be, and in any case would rather spend Valentine’s Day with my lovely wife. Will the outcome of this Farcebook thingy be posted on here afterwards?

When is the app going to allow offline rating for later upload (as per Eric’s excellent old app)? Without this I don’t see any point in using the app rather than the site.


The map… say no more.


Who are they? Can they introduce themselves?


@RichTheVillan drop Bloke


Hope you recruit some new Ockers RB team !

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