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ITT: “so like… are you gonna fix XYZ?”

RB: “Yes, its on our todo list. Thx 4 ur patience - next question!”



Gotta start somewhere



Sure no question. I would just be surprised if this team was in a position to tell us when the maps are going to be fixed rather than things like why they bought in the first place and what the goals are and why we should stay around.



Hopefully they’ll surprise us all. Also pretty sure that a lot of folks will tear,em a new one. Tough crowd around these parts.

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How can I get answers to questions if I am not on FB?

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@beastiefan2k You’ll be able to access the page and post on Thursday to read the answers, even if you don’t have an account. We’ll endeavour to answer some in this forum after the Facebook hour, as well. And just to reiterate, the Q&A session is in a more public forum to include users who don’t regularly visit the RateBeer Forum!

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Is this the very same public forum where details about the Ratebeer parties in Australia were released and no one heard about those events until everything was wrapped up?

May we this time have this piece of information ahead?

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@Christos We’ve shared the Q&A session details here in the forum first. This is an opportunity to grab all of us at once to answer questions. We’re also discussing other ways to be more available to the users more often.

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Can we see a list of things that have been requested and their status?

For example, there’s no link to a beer’s stats page any more. This has been so for quite a while. Is this known about? Is it going to be fixed or do you like it like this? I know this has been asked about many times before - it was even fixed briefly - but as with many features that no longer work here, it’s not clear what’s going on or even whether anybody knows.



Please you, Joet and the other RB staff persons, give at least yourself the title of RateBeer Staff in your forum profile so people know you are one of the devs. Not everybody are old timers here :wink: and only @services seems obvious on first sight.



The request / bug forum worked well for a while when @tjbiddle was updating the points with SOLVED for instance…



Fair call. Happy ask the team to add to our profiles.



How aboot those beers from Wildflower? Damn they’re good!

Carry on…



Right?! Topher makes some good beers. I’m in the habit of keeping at least a few in my cellar at all times.

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I have my profile updated with my official title.



And I fuckin love it! How you do dat?

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Alright - Title’s changed.



Ditto :upside_down_face:



Do you plan on bringing back a functional chat room? I really liked it and met a few Ratebeerians that way. It seemed to be completely neglected with the switchover.

Can you please find a way to have users rating number stats back next to their name? Having the forums separate from the main site in the way it currently is not a good thing. Maybe have a search option still.

Will you ever properly promote RB Gatherings? I think that the RB Best awards shouldn’t have been abandoned. It would be great if you could organize in different cities each year, but any option would have been better than just abruptly ending it.

And finally, just to add to the chorus, please split beer-relevant countries in to regions!

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