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Australian regions on ratebeer

A funny thing seems to be happening in Germany which may interest Australian raters:


Yeah!! you did not expect them to implement somthing new without majour screwup did you?

Seems like they fixed that already though

The Australian regions are still there in Germany, just not linked to anything so showing 0 rates… here’s hoping it gets moved and populated soon!

Maybe I looked in the wrong place. Looking at my regions, everything looked fine.

Come on man, at least we’re getting a new country. They aren’t even finished setting it up. Probably was the easiest way to do it in the beginning. If it’s still like that in two months, then OK, maybe an issue.

Sorry just my experience that each time they introduce somthing new they screw up major.
Thats fact.

I am impressed. :innocent:
How could they manage to screw up such a simple task?
Or maybe Australia was taken by the Germans? :innocent:

It’s like winning Eurovision, if Australia wins they have to co-host it within a European country

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I think this means the German Club up on Dandenong Rd is an exclave.

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I wonder how accurate this map is?

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This made me check Canberra as it´s more or less easy:

From the 8 in our database two are closed:


Kingston and Wild Polly missing, already added Braddon Brew.

This whole list acutally seems pretty up to date:


Here’s link for a good map of Australian Cideries… just NT without a cidery Australian cider map - Cider Australia

Well, I for one am pleased they’ve started to add more countries to have regions. Took a while to get it right (which I think they have now), Australia is a ‘test’ and if the bugs don’t bite other countries will follow, most likely Belgium next.



Hello Mr @nilsas keep your head cool and take a dunk with @Bryne

Everything will be fine

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Belgium is currently being populated with Regions, others to follow; I believe Australia is complete and bug free. Please do not quote me on that.


@Viper666.Qc just found some bugs :rofl:

Also, there’s this:


It’s great to see all the Aussie RateBeerians getting excited about their new regions; this thread is full of them chatting and pontificating about which of them is leading in each State and all trying to complete the set of 8.


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Great to see all the free beer worked!

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