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Winding Wheel Festival is back on this year in Chesterfield, 3rd Feb (Fri) - 4th Feb (Sat) 2023, see link for beer list:
Train strike is on the 3rd Feb (Fri) to be aware of
Am going to the Friday day session focusing on the ciders, still awaiting list for those to see how long I’ll be there for


One for the Berkshire Massive


I’ve been to their tap yard about 7/8 times over the years now and always by car (someone else has thankfully been driving). It’s good that they are laying on transport from Wokingham station. Also good to see Liquid Mistress making a welcome return!

Wasn’t 100% on going here but there’s an all inclusive ticket this year for Fallen Acorn’s fest. £52 but would easily spend more than. The main drawback is you have to go to Gosport. 12-13/05.

First wave of breweries (not all were available each session last year).

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Shakespeare’s (Sheffield) this week


Grizzly Grains Cask Takeover:

NZ Pale: Motueka - 4% - pale ale

UK Chinook pale (using low carbon hops) - 4.2% - pale ale

Ryes To The Occasion – 5.8% - Nelson Rye IPA

UK Hopped Amber Ale – 6%

Sheaf – 4.8% - Porter

Untappd Top 10 Showcase:


Keg of collab with Turning Point – Pulpatine – 12% - Peach, plum & charred nectarine beech smoked thick and complex imperial stout

Cult Of Oak

Keg of Blood of The Golden Spurs – 9% - Sour flanders oud Bruin (pouring Wednesday)

Mills Brewing

Bottle pours of Thirteenth Fire – 10% - Belgian strong ale meets cider, an extra strong wort was fermented in whisky cask for 7 months before being blended with traditional cider apple juice


Very rare keg from Left Handed Giant’s wild wing – Evocations – 6% - 3 year barrel aged mixed ferm saison blended with a fresh saison, then conditioned on sour cherry and rhubard.

Old Chimneys Brewery

Keg of Good King Henry – 10% - Highly acclaimed Imperial Stout encompasses roast malt, cocoa, caramel, fudge, treacle, coffee and cult status.


Keg of Afternoon Rich – 8% - Big fat pillowy DIPA

Keg of Way Beyond The Long Blank – 6.5% - pulpy, tropical, juicy IPA


Keg of Tides of Titan – 3.8% - Clemantine, vanilla, and jasmine tea gose

Keg of In Endless Dawn – 9% - Redcurrant & Pineapple Sour DIPA hopped with Citra/Motueka


Keg of Illusions – 5.4% - hazy thiolised pale with Mosaic, Simcoe and Nelson

Keg of What Goes Around Comes Around – 4.8% - Juicy pale ale with Citra and El Dorado


Bottle pour of Testify – 13% - Chocolate Fudge Heaven Hill Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

Bottle pour of Has It Come To This – 12.4% - Collab with Urban Chicken Ale – Blueberry and Maple Imperial Stout

Nothing Bound

Keg of Cherries Underground – 5.0% - Pale Ale with Galaxy, Citra, and Mosaic


U.S. Tap Takeover

The Veil – Master Shredder – 5.5% - Soft as hell hazy session NEIPA

The Veil – Caskets Caskets – 8% - DDH DIPA with flaked oats and Idaho 7 and Citra hops. Mega hazy with a massive body

Burley Oak – Bumbleberry J.R.E.A.M. – 4.8% - Mad thick sour ale with boysenberry, blackberry, raspberry, and strawberry

Burley Oak – Fruits of our Labor (Raspberry) – 4.4% - Sour ale conditioned on hundreds of pounds of raspberries. Pours like a smoothie.

Mortalis – Hydra (Pink Guava, mango, and pineapple) - 7% - Fruited smoothie sour with with really stupid amounts of fruit. Only about 25% confident this is going to pour…

Jester King x Other Half – Urban Mutation – 10% - Barrel Aged motueka hop infused honey farmhouse saison

Jester King – Synthesis Analogous – 7.9% - Sherry Barrel Aged blend on refermented blackberries and raspberries


Brodie’s And Bangers


Piccadilly Pale – 3.8% - A hoppy and sessionable American style pale ale

Amarilla – 4.2% - Amarillo hopped pale ale

Old Street – 5% - English pale ale

Shoreditch Sunshine – 3.9% - Australian hopped pale ale

Nuts about Cookies – Collaboration Brew With Shakespeares and The Crow Inn – 8.5% - White chocolate, macadamia nut, bourbon vanilla white milk stout (yes… that’s what we made at one of the classiest breweries we know…)


Super Sexy Spacetime Beer – 5% - Mega hopped English IPA

Romanov – 12.1% Russian Imperial Stout


My head hurts just reading that insane beer list.


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Egham beer list up for April: EBF39 - Spring 2023 - Egham Real Ale & Cider FestivalEgham Real Ale & Cider Festival

Someone has already added the new beers so at least one other person is going.

One brewery not on here yet. West Sussex’s Flying Trunk.

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I’ve added a few but didn’t get very far, there were still plenty to go on Thursday. I’m aiming to be there on the Thursday, fingers crossed no train strikes that week.

I’ll be there on the Thursday. Likely to head there early and then get train into London, unless the friend I am meeting decides to come to Egham.

Hope to see you there then for a chat. There is usually a group of us from the Midlands.

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20th April - Alchemik (Bulgaria) tap takeover and meet the brewer at Rutland in Sheffield. 4 dessert sours (including their collab with me, imperial Yellowcake) and two imperial stouts


Interesting, I will be staying at the Caravan Club Site at Chatsworth on that day so as long as the buses are still running to Sheffield from the local village I could have a crack at that one.

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London Brewers Alliance have announced the return of their festival. 17/06, at Griffin Brewery.

Tickets supposed to be on sale from today but not up yet. All inclusive tickets. £38 inc booking at the mo.

Featuring 50+ London Breweries. Hoping to bump into @BlackHaddock.

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by happy coincidence two Balkan beer events in Sheffield on the same weekend - starting Thurs 20th the Shakespeare have Bereta (Romania) TTO while the Rutland have Alchemik (Bulgaria) TTO and MTB

No lists yet but the Rutty will have 4 dessert sours and 2 dessert imperial stouts, including the UK launch of the imperial version of Yellowcake (collab with Steel City and Lost Industry)

I picked up an Alchemik beer today. Didn’t actually spot the name of the brewery, just noticed that the description on the shelf mentioned Bulgaria. I guess an importer has signed them up and is making a push?

And just noticed that The Last Hop in Staines has 5 Slovenian beers (Omnivar) and 1 Croatian beer on (Pulfer).

Distant Lands are bringing them in. There was a pallet a couple of months ago with kegs and cans, think this on is a bigger order


Will be there with a few mates now.

Should be pretty easy to spot. I’ll be there with a woman who’s not an OAP. In the unlikely event that there are two or more women who are are not OAPs, I will also be with a ginger Geordie. If there are two or more groups featuring a middle-aged woman and a ginger Geordie, there will also be…

Travelling solo but meeting up with People there. Currently stuck at Reading after negotiating the broken bridge at Oxford.

I feel I should tick off a RB legend. If you spot the Hellfire Club hoodie I am with the bird and Geordie (and a Cockney).

Edit: shortly changing user name to Rohip Stalker.