Beer Events / The Shires, etc

I was going to resurrect the previous thread about beer festivals but couldn’t but seems to have been lost to the mists of time.

I then got lost myself and my original post ended up under Beer Travel.


I think my next beer festival in the Shires is the 25th Newark Camra Beer Festival. Its on from the 26th May to the 28th May which is the same dates as the Lincoln Beer Festival which I tend not to go to.


Cheers for the heads up on the BBNo Riverside event. Will probably be back in London early June so will take a look at that for sure for at least one session. Looking at the brewer line up there is abit of crossover with MBCC about 3 weeks prior but plenty of others (and quite a few new ones for me)

Also in London for most of August so keeping an eye out for any news about GBBF/anything else happening around then.

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The Peterborough beer festival is on from 23rd August to 27th August. It’s only a short trip up the east coast mainline from Kings Cross.


I’ll hopefully be in Newton Abbot on 23rd April

I’m due at Peterborough Beer Fest hopefully Thursday before travelling to Belgium for BXL that weekend.

Also, I’m very chuffed to see IMBC back on the calendar


I am going to be here in June:

I’m doing Beak too. Looking forward to it!

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I’ll be at Shrewsbury Beer Festival, behind the bar, serving any of you good people who can make it. Beer list promises to be good, the guy ordering is a ticker and hunts out new breweries and new beers. Also being tempted by a fellow CAMRA member to go to Coventry Beer Festival, is supposed to be a good one

Egham next week.

As usual plenty of specials.

I’m going on Friday.

I can only get there on the Thursday as the trains are replaced by buses for the Easter weekend. Hoping to get there for about 11:30.
This is Egham btw.

Coventry is a definite for us. I shall be doing the Friday.

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Just on the rail replacement. Only adds about 10 minutes for me.

My last beer fest in my back yard.

WELCOME to the 2022 30th Anniversary East Anglian Beer & Cider Festival - Bury St Edmunds Beer & Cider Festival (


Was hoping to have the two Artefact beers and the Drinkstone beer but they sold out yesterday.

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:face_holding_back_tears: :cry: :sob:

Sorry :grinning:

The Fearless Nomad beer was still on so tbat’s one I can’t mailorder.

A quiet start to the year but looking at a busy few weeks starting late May. Hoping to visit some, most, or maybe even all of these…

Newark May 27th

Colchester June 2nd

Braintree June 10th

Bury St Edmunds June 16th / 17th

Rutland June 24th

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Pub based Beer Festival at The Crown Inn, Oakengates starting tomorrow (Thursday 28th April). No beer list to be found, but it’ll be hand-pulled cask ales and a load of bottled stuff.

I’m taking two ladies on the 20 minute bus ride for this one (it’s free when you’re old).