Brewdog Collabfest 2019

Stand aside Wetherbore … bring on the Collabfest !

Anyone planning to make inroads into this years fest?

78 beers in total which is a huge amount to tackle … @harrisoni ?

List in full …

APA/IPA and fruited sour seem to dominate this year.

I remember the days when Brewdog Shepherds Bush was the only bar that could hold all the beers at once … they can manage 1 over half now !

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I am in London for work on Thurs and then back up for a pub crawl on Friday so hope to have a few.

Not looked at my work diary for Thursday but best I could do would be an hour in Tower Hill … Friday however I’m meeting @Desverger at Shepherds Boost to take down a few if you’d care to join.

Out of town until Nov. anyone doing Cambridge Winter Beer Fest? I’m going to that at noon on 13 Nov.

Probably won’t make Shepherds Bush as we’re going to be going from Old Street - Bethnal Green. What time are you meeting?

Elusive’s Collabageddon looks more interesting based on updates from the breweries. Got that in the shared calendar.

Will be at Sheps Boost circa 1430 - 1630.

When is the Collabageddon this year … hop locker still hosting?

Fri 15/11.

The locations are not confirmed yet, other than Nags Head in Reading. Although Elusive’s taproom is supposed to be opening shortly so was wandering if they’d have one there.

Didn’t Reading just get a Chick-Fil-A? Need to get over there.

I’m doing Leicester on Thursday. Really nice beer list. I’m especially looking forward to the Bamberg Helles Rauchbier from BD Leicester & Round Corner.


You would hope the local brew would be on … Round the corner … sounds like a new brewery for me so will be one of my priority picks.

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‘Um De Ecke’?

Just happens to be ‘Round The Corner’ in German, one of my favourite sayings in their language!



I’ve had a couple of theirs so far and enjoyed them. Nothing too exciting but really solid.

I don’t know what a Chick Fil-A (although it does sound dirty) is but am planning to go to Reading at some point. Haven’t visited Double-Barrelled yet and there’s the new Wild Weather pub. Plus you’ll soon have the Finchampstead Beer Metres when Siren and Elusive have taps over the road from each other.

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Gentle start today at 7 Dials with 13 taken down.

Highlight was the Mad Scientist Blackcurrant Trifle Gose @8.2%.

The SMOD Quad wasn’t bad either.

65 to go !!!

Can an Admin go through and remove all the /s from the names as they should not be there.

took down 21 today. Most on my hit list taken down. Still need the cloudwater juan.

Why? That is usually how collaborations are denoted.

This has been mentioned on here before - it denotes collabs between breweries. Shouldn’t be used for bars or coffee producers, etc.

I thought the collab fest beers were considered an exemption to the / rule. Ie the / is used and has been each year.

I’m certainly not going back and changing them … and the past 5 years worth !

Just take it as an exception that its more than a bar / coffee place … it’s a breweries bar that has organised the festival.